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Casinos licensed in USA in 2021

Would you put your wealth in the hands of an unlicensed financial advisor? Well, do not do the same when you choose an online casino. In this article we will tell you why it is crucial to choose casinos with a license in USA, the requirements that new casinos must meet to receive an operations license and what protection measures they apply to guarantee a safe and fair gaming experience for the player.

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Online gambling was regulated in USA in 2011 as a result of the boom in online casinos with real money that flooded the market. To stop the abuses committed by some casinos, European governments decided to regulate online gambling. Thus, a safe gaming environment, the protection of the player and the collection of a part of the business pie were guaranteed.

The highest authority on online gambling in USA is the DGOJ (Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling). One of its main attributions is to grant the ‘Safe Gaming’ seal to new licensed casinos in USA.

Safe Gaming Seal

The ‘Safe Gaming’ seal indicates that an online gambling portal, whether online casinos, bookmakers or poker or bingo rooms, has a license and can legally operate in Spanish territory. To obtain and include it on their website, new casinos must meet various legal and technical requirements that ensure fair, reliable, complete and transparent play.

Regulated gaming in USA

The Spanish Gaming Law contemplates up to 14 different online gambling modalities for which new casinos must have a unique license for their exploitation:

Evolution of regulated games

Gambling has been regulated in USA since the 19th century but was prohibited during the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera. During the Franco period, the State reserved the exclusive exploitation of games of chance: National Lottery and other bets such as the Quiniela.

Gambling was decriminalized in 1977 with the democratic transition and games of chance were regulated for the first time for private exploitation. Since then, casinos and gambling businesses have proliferated throughout USA. In 1981 the first slot machines appeared and ONCE resumed its draw.

With the arrival of the internet, gambling underwent its main modification with the approval in 2011 of the gambling law that regulates online gambling. Thus, the games available in licensed casinos in USA can offer online slots, roulettes and blackjack, among other games.

Types of online gambling licenses

To be precise, licensed casinos in USA must have two licenses. A general to exploit games of chance (valid 10 years). And a unique license (valid for 5 years and extendable) for each of the 14 gambling modalities contemplated by the gambling law:

Requirements to obtain a license

An operator interested in receiving a license from the DGOJ must comply with legal, technical and economic requirements once the call for licensing is published:

Legal requirements: be constituted and registered as S.A, have a registered office in a country of E.AND.E *, certify financial solvency and have a minimum share capital of 100.€ 000.

Technical requirements: declare its managerial and technical staff, and have technical systems that guarantee the quality and safety of its services.

Rights and obligations of licensees

The rights are basically to exercise their activities within the framework of the Gambling Law. As for the many obligations, we summarize the main ones:

Evaluate your online casino

Did you know that the DGOJ has a mechanism that allows you to evaluate the operator to find out if an online casino licensed in USA (or anyone in general) correctly complies with its responsible gaming obligations? By clicking here you access a questionnaire made up of 5 questions that allows you to evaluate your preferred online casino. The questions are:

What protection measures does the player have

In addition to taxation, the regulation of online gambling has a clear economic and public health interest. Offers a legal framework that helps create jobs and boost the economy. And in addition, responsible gambling policies prevent gambling behaviors and other social disorders.

But ultimately, responsible gambling rests with the player himself. Licensed casinos in USA are one more business whose purpose is to obtain a profit in exchange for fun, and that is how the player must understand it. The casino is played to entertain and have fun in a controlled way and without excesses, not to win money. That being said, how do you play responsibly?

How the DGOJ guarantees the safety and protection of the player

The DGOJ guarantees the protection of the player with the following measures that all European casinos licensed in USA must comply with:


Of course, on the DGOJ website there is a list of the casinos licensed in USA that operate in the market.

How are online casinos in USA with a license different from those without?

The number of games and the amount of the promotions. Why? Because they are not subject to a demanding supervisory body such as the DGOJ.

Casinos without a license in USA:

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