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Casinos with bank transfer

| Along with the check, the bank transfer was the first payment method to deposit in an online casino at the dawn of online gambling. Safe for the client and reliable for the casino, it consists of transferring funds from your bank account to the casino's.

Online payment methods have become so sophisticated that for players who are still reluctant to use their credit card or provide their details online, bank transfer has become the best alternative to deposit at a casino.

But if there is a reason to know which bank transfer casinos are and how they work, it is because it is the preferred system of online casinos in USA to pay you. Or put another way: so you can collect your winnings. So keep reading because you are interested.

Best Casinos with bank transfer

Bank transfer (or bank transfer) was born at the end of the 19th century and is the most common operation in banks worldwide. Since then, it has remained the most effective means of payment due to its safety, simplicity and efficiency.

The operation of casinos with bank transfer is simple. First it is necessary to be a bank account holder. To deposit in licensed online casinos in USA, it is enough to order our bank so that, charged to our account, it sends an amount of money to the online casino account.

The classic bank transfer is done in person at the offices of your bank branch, but it can also be done electronically from a computer if you have online access to your bank account (which is known as online banking). It can even be done from an ATM.

How to deposit at casinos with bank transfer

To make a deposit at casinos with bank transfer and be able to enjoy online slots or online blackjack, follow these steps:

Access your online bank account and select the bank transfer operation. Enter the IBAN of the casino and confirm the operation. You will receive a receipt from the bank by SMS / email and another from the casino by email.

Fill in the form with the IBAN of the casino and the amount to deposit. The sealed form is your proof. Check your balance in your casino account 24 hours later to verify that your transfer has been effective.

👉 The minimum deposit in a casino with bank transfer is usually € 10. 👉 In online casinos in USA, the deposit limits with bank transfer are those established by law: € 600 / day, € 4500 / week and € 3000 / month.

How to withdraw at casinos with bank transfer

To withdraw money at casinos with bank transfer they require you to have made a deposit with it beforehand. If it is your first withdrawal, some casinos like Luckia or even Casino Estrella ask you to prove ownership of the bank account. The steps are the following:

👉 The minimum withdrawal in a casino with bank transfer is usually € 10. 👉 The maximum withdrawal depends on the casino but can reach up to € 5000 per operation. 👉 The withdrawal will be made in your bank account in 1 or 2 business days.

5 reasons to play at bank transfer casinos

You just have to fill out a form with your information and the casino's, the amount to be deposited, and order the operation. If it is electronic, the operation is confirmed with a code by SMS.

There is no more secure online payment method than bank transfer. Being the most common operation of banks, a powerful security technology is used almost comparable to the military world.

Anyone who owns a bank account can order this operation, either in person or electronically, to deposit in an online casino.

Since the entry into force of SEPA, bank transfers made in Europe must be made within a maximum period of 1 business day. If the transfer is instantaneous if it is internal, that is, if it is made between accounts of the same bank.

Casinos with bank transfer do not apply commissions. Banks, on the other hand, yes, and it will depend on whether you transfer or receive money and whether the originator or beneficiary is abroad. Also if it is in office or electronics. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a bank account without commissions.

Disadvantages of bank transfer

Despite the advantages that bank transfer casinos can offer, this payment method is not without its drawbacks. The main ones are the following:

For many, the IBAN (24-character alphanumeric code) is confusing and they tend to write it incorrectly, which ends up invalidating the operation.

The bank transfer is not immediate like other online payment methods. Moreover, if it is done abroad or to a bank other than ours, delays may occur.

Unlike other payment methods conceived for eCommerce that protect the user a lot and allow operations to be canceled, the same does not happen with bank transfer.

Other deposit methods

If you identify with users who prefer bank transfer to deposit at a casino or would like to try other payment methods with similar advantages, we recommend the following:

Trustly - Very secure and free online banking based payment method that does not require registration, just have an online bank account.

Sofort - Based on the classic bank transfer and super popular in Europe, you only have to worry about confirming the operation to make an online deposit.

Frequent questions

They are casinos that allow you to deposit by bank transfer. That is, send money from your bank account to the balance of your online casino account.

Is it safe to make a bank transfer?

Absolutely. It is the usual form of payment for governments, international and multinational organizations. So you don't have to worry, you are protected.

What fees does a bank charge in a bank transfer?

It depends on each bank. On average they charge € 0.50 per operation and some are free. For their part, online casinos in USA do not charge a commission when depositing with this method.

Is there a limit to deposit / withdraw at casinos with bank transfer?

Yes. To deposit € 600, € 1500 and € 3000 per day, week and month respectively. And in terms of withdrawal depends, withdrawal policies vary in online casinos in USA.

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