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Casinos with Klarna

Casinos with Klarna

| Klarna is a popular payment method to make payments online in a simple, fast and secure way. It is one of the most popular forms of payment for eCommerces in Scandinavia and every day it gains more followers for the payment options and facilities it offers.

More than a payment method, Klarna has become a Fintech because it offers online payment options that combine the best of e-wallets, credit / debit cards and payment through online banking.

Since 2014 its presence in online gambling has been greater after acquiring Sofort, the payment system based on online banking. With this operation, countless casinos with Klarna have proliferated in Europe that allow you to make an online deposit. Its presence in USA is still timid, but if you plan to register in casinos that use this payment method, this article interests you.

What is Klarna and how does it work

Klarna is a payment system born in Sweden in 2004 to facilitate online purchases in eCommerces. And such a way he made it! It is currently an accepted payment method for 200.000 merchants in 17 countries and is used by more than 85 million users to pay online.

Klarna differs a lot if it is used in online stores or to deposit in an online casino. In the first reminds PayPal. On the other hand, to deposit in licensed online casinos in USA, Klarna offers you a model based on online banking: the payment is deducted from your bank account directly when confirming the operation from your bank's own interface.

To use Klarna you do not need to register or give your personal information, just have online access to your bank account. Currently, more than 25 associated banking entities allow deposits to be made in casinos with Klarna: Banco de Santander, BBVA, Bankia, ING, Bankinter, Openbank, La Caixa, Kutxabank, Banco de Sabadell, Abanca, Deustche Bank, etc.

How to deposit at casinos with Klarna

If you want to make a deposit in casinos with Klarna the process is very simple. In just a few steps you will have the balance to play online slots or online blackjack.

The payment is immediate and is deducted directly from your bank account in the same way as when you make a payment with a debit card.

👉 The minimum deposit in a casino with Klarna is € 5. 👉 In online casinos in USA, the Gaming Law establishes the deposit limits with Klarna: € 600 / day, € 4500 / week and € 3000 / month.

How to withdraw at casinos with Klarna

In USA, and in no online gambling market, casinos with Klarna do not offer the option of withdrawing money using this method. The normal thing is that if you have deposited using Klarna, online casinos in USA urge you to withdraw your winnings by bank transfer.

5 reasons to play in casinos with Klarna

When depositing in casinos with Klarna, a highly secure and encrypted connection is established with your bank. Also, your bank details are not saved in the Klarna system.

Using Klarna as a not complicated method, you only need to have your bank credentials at hand to complete a payment. That simple.

Deposits made with Klarna are instantaneous. They are deducted from your bank account to be credited to your casino balance automatically.

Klarna offers a customer service available 24/7 to resolve any incident you may suffer when making your deposit.

Klarna drawbacks

Like any payment method, in casinos with Klarna there are certain disadvantages that it is important to mention. The main ones are these:

Klarna is a great payment method for depositing at online casinos, but unfortunately it does not allow you to withdraw money to your bank account.

Some of the payment facilities offered by Klarna are not available in all countries. For ex. Paying after receiving a product purchased in an eCommerce is an option that is not available in USA.

Alternatives to Klarna

As a great payment system based on online banking to deposit in online casinos in USA, the best alternatives that exist are Trustly and, to a lesser extent, the debit card. And it is that ultimately, in both methods the payment is made with the discount of your bank account of the amount of the deposit.

For its part, the version of Klarna to pay in electronic stores has PayPal and credit cards its best alternatives for their security and immediacy and because they are possibly the two most accepted payment methods in eCommerces around the world

Frequent questions

Totally. The system works by linking the Klarna system with that of your bank, which implies a high-security banking level connection.

What fees does my bank charge for using Klarna?

Of course, and they are those established by the Spanish Gaming Law: € 600 / day, € 1500 / week and € 3000 / month. You can change these limits by contacting your online casino.

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