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Double zero online roulette

Double zero online roulette

|| “Double Zero Roulette” is one of the most interesting online casino games that a Spanish online casino user can access. It is an online roulette developed by the English software provider Nextgen Gaming, one of the best known worldwide. At CasinoBillions we are going to try to shine a light on this exciting online roulette game.

What kind of game is it?

Like any online roulette game, “Double Zero Roulette”, it has a simple gameplay but open to highly developed strategies. The graphical environment of this online roulette is quite classic, which gives it a serious and reliable appearance, (the ideal environment when one wants to bet their money). It is one of the roulettes most visited by Spanish users and for this reason, it is present in the offer of the best online casinos available in our country.

Playing "double zero roulette"

Before starting to play we must be very clear about what type of online roulette we are facing. And it is that "Double Zero Roulette" is an American type roulette. If you don't know what the difference is between an American roulette, a French and a European roulette, please continue reading because it is very important to understand it, (and later you will see why)

The French and European roulettes are quite similar, (they differ in aesthetics and in the profit margin of the house, something that we will comment a little below). The main characteristic of a French or European roulette is that it has 37 squares including the green number 0. However, the difference with an American roulette is that it has 38 squares, with the green 0 and a new one, also green, with double 00.

Another of the differences of American roulette is the arrangement of its numbers. Since, on the board, (in the case of this online roulette in the center to the right), we will find the individual numbers together, (which is called "inside"), and the compounds below, (which comes to be “outside”)

The mechanics of this game that we can enjoy in any online casino is not complicated. Let the ball roll on the numbered circle and bet on which number it will stop at after a few seconds of spinning. You can also bet on whether the number is odd or even or if the square where the ball finally stops is red or black.

Let's place our chips in the combinations that we think will be the winners and let the random probability algorithm that our online casino has do the rest.

Attention to the "edge of the house"

One of the most important aspects to take into account when we play online roulette is to know the "edge of the house". What does this curious term consist of?? Very easy. You can win at online roulette once, however, over time there is an average of winnings, both yours and the casino. The average winnings by the casino from online roulette over a period of time is called the "house edge"

Why do we refer to this circumstance in this review? Well, for the simple reason that, in American roulette, as is the case with "Double Zero Roulette", having one more box, "the edge of the house" is greater.

The average average profit of a user in roulette games is 1/35. With a French or European roulette, the casino profit margin is 2.63%, while with an American roulette, the online casino profit margin is 5.26%. Which means that, playing American roulette, the risk for the player is greater.


"Double Zero Roulette" is an online roulette with simple playability and an attractive graphical environment. It is present in the best online casinos that you can access in USA and is developed by one of the most reliable software providers. But, player friend, if you are not an expert, start by learning before with a French online roulette.

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