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Casino Checks

Casino Checks

| Using checks to deposit at an online casino is not exactly practical or fast, but they are still accepted as a form of payment. If you are one of those who does not quite trust the online payment systems available over the internet, or your casino does not accept your credit card, checks are a valid way to deposit and withdraw money from the casino, even in USA.

How checks work

Although online payment methods have evolved a lot in the last twenty years and the market is flooded with them, there are still players who are reluctant to use them and only trust traditional offline payment methods, such as checks, for example. With being a bank account holder you can request a personal check book.

But there are other types of checks that you can have access to, especially if you are a solvent customer. The check made is distinguished by the personal in that the bank guarantees the beneficiary (in this case the casino) that your account has funds to satisfy the payment. And there is also the bank check issued by the bank guaranteeing the collection to the beneficiary.

The difference between the personal check and the bank check is that the second, when issued by the bank, generates more trust and is much more accepted.

Deposit at the casino - The first thing to find out is if your casino accepts checks as a means of payment, not all of them do. If accepted, check with the casino cashier or customer service team for the exact name of the beneficiary and the exact postal address to which to send the check - it is important that you send it by certified mail.

The process can take between 5 and 10 days until the deposit appears visible in your game account. Casinos do not charge you for depositing with checks, but you will have to face two expenses: the commission of your bank for writing your check and the cost of certified mail.

Limits - There are no deposit limits with checks as long as you have enough balance in your bank account or your bank is willing to issue any amount according to your solvency. Regarding the minimum deposit, the casinos require at least € 10, but taking into account the associated expenses, we recommend that you do not deposit less than € 25.

Advantages of using checks

Withdrawal of funds from the casino - More casinos accept checks as a payment method than as a withdrawal method. But there are, there are, and you will have to have successfully made a deposit with checks to receive one with your earnings. The process takes several days, may include the presentation of identifying documentation, and is subject to a bank commission to clear the check.

If your casino does not use checks to pay withdrawals, the normal thing is to do it with bank transfer, in which case you will also have to prove some identifying documentation and wait up to a week approximately to see your winnings in your account balance.

Limits - The minimum withdrawal is € 10 by checks. And the maximum that each casino stipulates in its withdrawal policy, which is generally similar to that of bank transfer.

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