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American Roulette Online

American Roulette Online

American roulette is an online roulette game developed by the software provider Net Entertainment and is present in the best online casinos. If you want to enter the fascinating world of online roulette and you are new to the subject, this is a good game to start. And if you want to learn to play "American Roulette" like an expert, join us, because at CasinoBillions we are going to tell you all the details.

What kind of game is it?

|| We are facing an online roulette, with a simple graphical environment, and based on one of the most popular physical casino games: American roulette. Within the classic casino games, online roulette has more and more followers worldwide. Perhaps it is because of the simplicity of its handling, because it is a popular icon or because it is not difficult to establish winning strategies. You can find hundreds of different roulette games in the best virtual casinos offered in USA.

Playing american roulette

The first thing we have to know to play "American Roulette" is that we are facing an American roulette game. American roulette differs from French roulette because it has one more square. In French roulette, with 37 squares, there is a green square with the number 0 and in American roulette we have 38 squares that are, in addition to this same square 0, another green with double 00. And of course, as there is one more box, the probability of hitting is reduced.

Once this online roulette game is loaded, we will see that the first thing we find is the board with the numbers to bet, on the left the roulette graphic, below the possible bets with your chips and on the upper right, the words "hot ”And“ cold ”, (we will talk about these two words a little further down)

The betting possibilities in this online roulette are simple. We will bet on a specific number, that this number can be even or odd, that the ball stops in a red or black box or even, we can make combined bets of these three possibilities, (for complex bets, we must click in the "racetrack" tab located at the bottom left)

We just have to place our chips in the betting boxes and spin the ball in our online roulette. The rest depends on the algorithm of the online casino and our own luck.

Odds are our allies

Now let's look at the right of the screen. As we said above we will find two words, one that says “hot”, (which means “hot” in English), and another that says “cold”, (which, logically, means “cold”) Below each of these two words a series of numbers appear, each with its own color.

The numbers that are shown under the word “hot” are those that have been winners the most times in the last games, while those that are under the word “cold” are, on the contrary, the numbers that have been winners the least in the last few games. the last spins of this roulette.

The fact that a number has come out more or less times does not guarantee that it will repeat the trend in the future, since it all depends on the algorithm of the online casino software provider. However, knowing these probabilities does allow us players to establish our own strategies.


"American Roulette" is a good online roulette game developed by one of the best current software providers, Netent. Its simplicity and playability make it a great online roulette for a non-advanced user to enter the world of online roulette.

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