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Ezugi Casinos 2021

| The online casino gaming business moves billions around the world. It is not surprising that each year new companies emerge in each of the sectors of this lucrative industry. New providers are born every day, but few like Ezugi have known how to specialize in a market saturated with providers, who do not stop releasing new titles every month.

While almost all providers are engaged, with better or worse fortune, in the design and development of slots, Ezugi is a specialized provider solely in the production, recording and distribution of live casino games and has only recently been a subsidiary. from the multinational gaming giant Evolution Gaming.

Since its creation in 2012, Ezugi has been developing an activity exclusively dedicated to producing live casino games for different online operators. It currently has 9 studios on three continents.

Aware of the enormous potential of the Spanish-speaking market, Ezugi has a television studio and technological development offices in Colombia, so that we can play their games without having to go around breaking the English learned in high school.

Best Ezugi Casino Games

As you may have seen, we are not talking about any game provider, but rather an audiovisual company that produces interactive thematic channels and where the viewer can play at a table with a dealer that is on the other side of the world.

This specialization in board games has two advantages, the first is that it does not need to have a vast game design and development department and, the second, is that it is the absolute leader in the sector.

Its elegant staging, the casting of dealers and its characteristic corporate blue color, (always present on the mat of its gaming tables), make Ezugi a completely different provider from the rest.

The, (rather “the”, because most of them are girls), Ezugi dealers are producing games of 9 different games 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for online casinos around the world and some of them available in USA.

Online slots

No, you will not find any Ezugi online slots because they are not dedicated to that business. If you want to play the best slots it is better that you take a tour of the pages of Casino Billions USA and choose one of the titles that, in our opinion, are among the best slots on the market.

In Ezugi you will only find card games like blackjack, poker or baccarat and, if anything, a lottery game like keno.

Table games, video poker and other online casino games

Here is the true strength of Ezugi as a provider of live casino games for online operators. Ezugi dealers offer you 9 exclusive live games:

- “Lucky 7”: the classic game of betting on whether the next card to come out of the deck will be higher or lower than the one revealed on the table.

- Roulette: Ezugi has several different and specialized live roulette. For example, from a classic roulette wheel to another where losing bets accumulate to form a large pot, to a fully automated no-dealer roulette.

- Teen Patti: This popular Hindu game is a kind of distant relative of poker, but played with only three cards.

- Blackjack: the popular Spanish 21 game that went to the American continent, has several different games in Ezugi's live games.

- Poker: Poker is also present in Ezugi's studios with different variants, including the popular Texas Hold'n

- Andar Bahar: Another popular game from South India and its success lies in its simplicity. Choose a card as a winner. Shuffle the cards and cut them leaving two decks on the mat. Bet which deck the winning card is in and win the prize.

- Baccarat: Another popular board game popularized in the cinema by a secret agent in Her Majesty's service and licensed to kill. It is a French variant similar to blackjack where the key number is 9 and not 21.

- Lottery: yes, like our popular Christmas Lottery. One bass drum and many balls to make up a winning number combination. Although this time it is not the children of San Ildefonso who sing the numbers for you, but a very elegant model who sings worse, but looks much more.

- Keno: Keno is a kind of mini-game where you can bet on a single winning ball or a combination of up to 8 balls.

Ezugi Mobile Casino Software

Ezugi has several technological production centers spread over three continents to create recording and broadcast systems that allow the signal to be brought in the highest quality to online casinos around the world.

The live feed of Ezugi games is adapted to be viewed from any mobile device. You can play any of the live games that Ezugi offers from a smartphone or tablet.

In this sense, a company as specialized as Ezugi takes great care to always be at the forefront of technology and to be able to adapt to the situation and characteristics of the different online casinos.

Ezugi Games RTP

We have not found any reference, (neither on their web pages, nor among their client operators), of the RTP of Ezugi games. The reason is that their games are live and that they depend exclusively on their dealers.

However, they do have some automated roulette, so we believe that, at least, they should inform the RTP of this. One negative point on Ezugi, perhaps the only one.

Ezugi Awards

Recently, Ezugi has just announced that it has been nominated as the best live casino supplier, (“Best Live Casino Supplier”), in the prestigious SBC- Sports Betting Community Awards in this 2020. And, it is more than likely, that when you read these lines they have already awarded such an important award.

Security and protection at Ezugi casinos

Ezugi boasts of having the best security protocols for its clients and of having a department specialized in controlling the honesty of its dealers. In addition, they have legal advice that is up-to-date in terms of new rules and innovations that appear in their games and in the legislation of different countries.

Ezugi has an activities license granted by the authorities of the island of Curaçao in the Netherlands Antilles, but they also have regulated licenses in several countries of the European Union, (the last one acquired in Lithuania), and an international sales office in USA.

In any case, and if you think that playing in a regulated casino in our country you will have a safer gaming experience, look for a licensed online casino in USA that has live Ezugi games.

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