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Red Tiger Casinos 2021

Red Tiger Casinos 2021

| Red Tiger is a relatively young company in the world of online casino game providers, however, it has managed to make a name for itself by launching titles with a careful invoice and high definition graphics. It is about a developer of "author" games that, since its foundation in 2014, strictly follows a battle cry: "We don't compete, we lead"

Those users who like innovation are sure that Red Tiger will always surprise them. She is not just another "hipster" game developer, but as soon as we start a game, we will see that, after the graphics, surround sound and the adventure of the game, there is a lot of work behind.

At Red Tiger, they not only boast of having a fashionable office, but are also very proud that, behind each new title released, there is a talent pool made up of graphics and software developers, engineers from sound, mathematicians and even psychologists.

About 25 new Red Tiger titles come out every year and many of them can be found in various regulated casinos in USA.

Best Red Tiger Casino Games

Red Tiger has more than 100 online casino games in its catalog that you can enjoy in various regulated online casinos in USA. Every year they usually release an average of between 25 and 30 new titles and, although it is not a very high figure, the quality of the products always garners great reviews from users and experts.

You just have to do a simple mathematical operation to realize that, at the rate they are going and, with the quality of their products, Red Tiger can become one of the most important companies in the world in terms of development in the next ten years of online casino games.

Their slots are known, beyond the graphic design and surround sound that the company boasts, for offering daily progressive jackpots. In other words, once a day, a Red Tiger online slot machine gives a progressive jackpot, so it is not surprising that their titles have a good reputation.

Online slots

The vast majority of products that Red Tiger brings to the market are slots. Actually, you will not find online casino games of another type with the seal of this company, but in recent years they have created a department for the development of live casino games.

As we mentioned above, Red Tiger slots are characterized by having a very interesting jackpot policy, with three types of jackpots: the "daily jackpot", which is distributed in one of its slot machines every 24 hours; the “fast jackpot”, which will depend on the amount wagered during the game, (for example, a slot machine whose jackpot appears when a certain number of games is reached); and the "jackpot with a deadline", and that will appear before a certain day.

And as we said, Red Tiger is constantly releasing new titles to add to its catalog. In this sense, among the latest news from Red Tiger we find slots such as "Kulta Jaska Megaways", "Aurum Codex" and "Path of Destiny"

Table games, video poker and other online casino games.

Let's remember Red Tiger's motto, “we don't compete, we lead”. Well, it may be so in the world of online slots, however, we will not find other types of casino games in this company.

For now, lovers of online blackjack or roulette should look for other providers to enjoy these games. However, Red Tiger is starting to enter the live casino gaming market, so, knowing the quality and care they put into their products, it is very likely that in the coming years Red Tiger may be competing in you to you with giants of the production of live casino games such as Ezugi or LIVE.

Red Tiger Mobile Casino Software

Being, as we said before, a game developer with a “hipster” touch, at Red Tiger they put special care in having the necessary software so that all their games can be adapted on mobile devices.

They even have specially designed titles with their graphics arranged vertically so that they can only be enjoyed on a smartphone, as is the case with the “Flaming Fox” slot machine

You just have to enter your favorite online casino, look for a Red Tiger title and operate with it from your mobile or tablet with Android or IOs system. Also look for the DEMO versions of Red Tiger mobile games to try them out without making a deposit.

Red Tiger Games RTP

As we have mentioned, the progressive jackpot policy, so characteristic of Red Tiger, and which has made its online slots so popular, also hides a small flaw: And it is that, while the jackpots and special prizes are constant, the RTP of the Red Tiger slots is average.

This is because the company, being aware that its jackpots attract many users, does not need its products to give very high prizes. In this sense, the RTP of Red Tiger titles is 96% on average.

"Spin Town" - RTP 96.23% medium / high volatility. “Phoenix Fire Power Reels” - RTP 96.22% medium / high volatility. "Jester Spins" - RTP 96.19% medium / high volatility. "Wild Cats Multiline" - RTP 96.19% medium / high volatility.

Red Tiger Awards

Good products and recognition from the industry are required for a business to build a good reputation. Red Tiger has both and, in the last EGR 2020 awards, held in July this year, (the most prestigious awards in the online casino gaming sector), they won a lot of awards that we will now list :

- "Best mobile game provider" - "Best slot provider" - "Best innovation for mobile devices" - "Best integration software for mobiles" - "Best supply of slot machines"

And to top it all off, at the Global Gaming Awards held this year 2020 in London, Red Tiger received the “Best Casino Product” award for its jackpot policy.

Safety and security at Red Tiger casinos

Red Tiger, in addition to taking great care of the graphic design of its products, also boasts high security standards, in order to offer its customers a gaming experience free of any unwanted contingency.

For the British market, Red Tiger products have activity and product sales licenses, granted by the Government of Gibraltar and the Government of Channel Island, Alderney. As for the rest of the European Union, they are regulated by the gaming authority of Malta, the country where the main office of Red Tiger is located.

However, if a player is not an expert, we recommend looking for Red Tiger products in a Spanish online casino with a regulated license in our country.

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