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RNG Play Casinos 2021

| We live in a globalized world, so much so that the online casino industry is already as important as that of land-based casinos. Nowadays and, without leaving your living room or from a mobile device, a user can enjoy playing their favorite games in a safe, reliable international casino located on the other side of the world.

This is why, in a global industry, such as gaming, there are also alliances between suppliers to access markets that were previously impossible to conquer. This is the case of RNG Play or, rather, Swintt, but we will talk about Swintt a little later.

The RNG Play story begins when three executives from another provider in India, Probability Gaming, after more than ten years of experience in the company, decide to found their own online casino game developer company.

RNG Play is a recently created company, it has only been operating for a year, however, thanks to the experience and contacts of its founders, they have managed to establish alliances with third parties to distribute their products outside the Indian market.

This is where Swintt comes in, a British-based gaming provider based in Malta, which, in September 2019, signed an agreement to bring the online slots and casino games developed by RNG Play to the European continent.

Most of RNG Play's slots are classic 3- and 5-reel games with internal mini-games. They have a simple graphic design, and if you are superstitious and hate the color yellow, they are definitely not your supplier.

Best RNG Play Casino Games

RNG Play is a recently created company so its game catalog is not very extensive. And, despite having more than 70 games, most of them are simple slots, designed to provide a "white label" casino. Only their range of games with the “premium” seal are more or less complex with 5 reels and internal games.

The graphics of the RNG Play games are better than you might expect from a company coming from a country like India and trying to compete with other European providers. The adventures are simple, (much preference for exotic animals and jungles), and the graphics, discreet, yes, in most of them the bright yellow dominates that we believe is the brand of the house.

Online slots

The slots developed by RNG Play are straightforward slots, most with only three reels and many of them without internal games. Look for those that have the category of "premium" slot machines, (they are around 30), because the reels will become 5 and the games will have hidden minigames depending on the combination.

If the graphic quality and its sounds are simple, its playability is no different. These are games without much complication and to pass the time. You will not have much difficulty playing an RNG Play slot, nor will you need to elaborate complex game strategies to achieve profits.

However, on the official website of Swintt, the official distributor of RNG Play online casino games in Europe, you have its entire catalog of games in "demo" version so you can try them out before playing at your favorite online casino.

RNG Play is a very young company and every week, it releases new titles to the market. Its most recent novelty is the online slot "Royal Golden Dragon"

Table games, video poker and other online casino games.

At the moment, in the RNG Play or Swintt catalog we have not found any reference to other online casino games that are not slots. However, on the official RNG Play page we have an ad where you can read that, among its products, there are games of roulette, blackjack, sic bo and video poker, so it is possible that these products will be released very soon.

In the meantime, if you like baccarat, blackjack, roulette or video poker, you will have to look for another provider's catalog.

RNG Play Mobile Casino Software

Perhaps because it is a recently created company, RNG Play takes special care that all its games, although simple, can be perfectly played from a mobile device. In this sense, each RNG slot is adapted in HTML5 to be played on an Android device or IOs

RTP of RNG Play games

One of the aspects that we least like about RNG Play slots is that, in addition to being games with simple graphics, they also do not have a high percentage of RTP, (remember that RTP is the acronym for Return To Player, that is, the percentage that the player takes as invested in the game).

The RTP of RNG Play games is, let's say clearly, very low. Most of their slots will offer 90% RTP or even less. Hopefully, as the company grows, the RTP of its slots will also increase.

“Medusa’s Curse” - RTP 95.42% average volatility. "Golden Genie" - RTP 95.30% average volatility. "Biergarten" - RTP 95.78% average volatility. “Royal Golden Dragon” - RTP 94% medium / low volatility.

RNG Play Awards

RNG Play is a very young company, barely over a year old, so it hasn't had time to win the amount of prizes that other competing providers boast. However, its European partner, the British company based in Malta Swintt, has this year been nominated for the “Best New Gaming Company” in the last EGR B2B awards of 2020.

We will see if in a future review of this provider we find that RNG Play has already won its first awards in the gaming industry.

Security and protection in RNG Play casinos

When we say that a game provider comes from India, a user may doubt the safety of their online casino games. However, thanks to the partnership with Swintt, any RNG Play game is licensed under the license of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), and therefore protected within the laws of the European Union.

However, it is very likely that a Spanish player will come across RNG Play games for the first time in an internationally licensed casino and, as they do not depend on the Spanish authorities, they will lack the necessary legal certainty to appeal in the event of an unpleasant experience.

Therefore, we always recommend taking a look at our Casino Billions USA page where we have a complete list of safe and reliable internationally licensed casinos and a selection of the best payment methods to operate safely in an unregulated casino.

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