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Druids Dream Slots

Druids Dream Slots

If there is an ancient people that has served as inspiration for many contemporary artists, it is the Celtic tribes. And, although now everything Celtic seems a bit "new age" to us, its folklore is so complex that it is not surprising to see online casino games inspired by this megalithic civilization so inhomogeneous.

Druids Dream, from the Swedish online casino games provider NetEnt, is a slot machine that takes us to the magical forests of the Atlantic Arc, where wild creatures mingled with druids in communion with nature.

This game, being developed by a major provider, is present in most regulated online casinos in USA.

Entrust yourself to the god Lug and search together with the druids and their magic stones, a treasure protected by the animals of this enchanted forest. If luck is with you, you may be able to win a good profit.

Game features

Druids Dream by NetEnt is a slot about the magical world of the Celts and their enchanted forests. It has 5 reels, 40 different pay lines and graphics that highlight the green of the trees and the color of wood.

It is a fairly classic slot game, with its wild, three different scatter symbols and free spins to win us more coins.

To get a win you just have to make a combination of three of the same symbols on the reels and, although it seems that this is easy because it has 40 pay lines, the truth is that Druids Dream is not a slot that stands out for having a high RTP.

With 96% RTP and without a progressive jackpot, Druids Dream is not a very generous slot to say, perhaps it is the failure that we see. You can spend a lot of time making rolls before something interesting happens.

How to play Druids Dream

Druids Dreams is an online slot machine consisting of 5 horizontal reels by 4 vertical reels with 40 pay lines. Payouts can range from 200 coins to 2.500 accumulative.

The scenario that he presents us is quite simple to look at. Over the landscape of a magical forest, with bright green leaves and a gentle breeze swaying the branches, in the center of the screen, we will see a wooden board containing the game reels.

The wood color and the green nature will always dominate the player's eyes as the symbols rotate in different combinations. In order to have a winning spin, we need to have at least three identical symbols aligned horizontally.

The wild, which bears the name of Wild, and the scatters, will help us complete combinations of up to five horizontal or vertical symbols and get free spins that will help you increase your winnings account.

At the bottom of the screen we have the slot menu where we can choose the amount of our bet and, even, select an automatic spin mode that will help you advance much faster in a slot where, we already noticed a a little higher, the prizes take time to appear.

Just click on the spin icon and wait patiently for the combinations to form for your own benefit.

Award Lines and Symbols

Druids Dream by NetEnt is a themed online slot set in the magical world of Celtic forests and available in most regulated online casinos in USA. Its symbols show the elements that the druids used to perform their omens and enchantments. In this slot we will find the following symbols to play:

- The sacred and carved stones with a magic rune. They have different colors depending on the award. From less to more, these colors are blue, green, yellow and red.

- The creatures of the forest, represented by four symbols: the owl, the white wolf, the sacred drum with a painted bear's footprint and an orange ocarina, (which we don't quite understand that it paints in a Celtic forest, the ocarina being an instrument of pre-Columbian America, but hey, there it is and gives a prize)

Both the Scatter and Wild symbols will help us to achieve better combinations and, therefore, higher profits.

Minigames, bonuses and extras

Like other NetEnt Druids Dream slots, it does not have internal mini-games. We do have extra bonus rounds and free spins in return to multiply the winnings.

- Wild and Scatter symbols: the Wild symbol will always appear on reels 1, 3 and 5 and will serve as a wild for ALMOST all symbols. Scatter symbols will appear on reels 2 and 4 and in the case of the Brown Bear Scatter, it will ALWAYS appear in the center of reel 3.

- Nudge or reposition symbols: if you get two vertical lines of Wild combined with a Scatter, you can move one of the reels to form a winning combination.

- Free Spins: to get a free spin you will need two vertical combinations on two different lines consisting of two Wild symbols and two Scatter symbols. In the case of landing three vertical lines of Wild symbols with the Brown Bear Scatter, 3 additional free spins will be achieved.

Graphics, animations and sound

The setting of Druids Dreams is quite simple. The graphics represent the sacred forest and the wooden board where the Druids made their rune rolls. The graphics of the symbols of the game are quite successful and the music is relaxing.

However, it is not a fast-paced slot machine, rather slow and with a zen style that, having a medium RTP and taking time to give combinations with a prize, can make it even boring at some point.

To play Druids Dream we recommend activating the automatic spin mode and letting the reels spin in order to finish the game as quickly as possible and take all the accumulated winnings.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, in any online casino that has games from the provider NetEnt. At Casino Billions USA we have a list with all of them.

Are there different game limits?

The minimum starting limit is € 0.2 per chip. There is also a maximum game limit that goes up to € 400.Check if your favorite online casino allows you to place such high bets.

How to win money on Druids Dream slot?

Keep an eye out for free spins once the winning symbols have appeared: the Wild symbol and the Celtic couple and brown bear scatters. Depending on how you combine them you will get more free spins.

Can it be played on mobile devices?

All NetEnt games are optimized to be played on an Android mobile device or IOs. The only thing, make sure that your favorite online casino has a specific app to be played from your tablet or smartphone.

Is it safe to play the Druids Dream slot?

NetEnt is a provider that claims to operate with high security standards. In any case, make sure that the online casino in which you are playing is either regulated in USA, or is included in the list of safe and reliable international casinos that we provide you at Casino Billions USA.

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