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Roulette Ultimate online roulette

| In this article we are going to talk about “Roulette Ultimate”, a very interesting online roulette game developed by the European company of Czech origin Synot, an expert in creating online casino games.

Roulette Ultimate online roulette
If you want to know everything about this online roulette, keep reading, because at CasinoBillions we tell you how to play it.

What kind of game is it?

We are facing a classic online roulette and this may seem somewhat boring at first, but it also gives seriousness to the game, (something very necessary when betting) The graphical environment is not very original, but it does fulfill its functions. Perhaps this somewhat vintage aspect is what makes “Roulette Ultimate” an option that more and more online casinos have.

What is there to know about "roulette ultimate"

We are going to start playing “Roulette Ultimate” and before doing so, it is advisable to know what type of roulette it is. This online roulette is French or European type. If you already know what the subject is about, skip the next paragraph, but if you are a newbie to online roulette, you better continue reading.

The French-type roulettes and the European calls are practically similar, (some differ in aesthetics or in the minimum amount to bet on), and the main difference that these roulettes have with the so-called "American" ones is that the French or European countries have one less box. While the continental ones have 37 squares, the American ones have 38.

French or European roulette has 36 red or black squares and one green square with the number 0. In the case of American online roulettes, there is an additional green box with the double 00. What this does is that, in French or European roulettes, the long-term winning probabilities of the online casino are lower, so normally, the minimum bets are higher.

In both French and American roulettes, the game works similarly. Roll the ball around the numbered circle and bet on which number it will stop at.

Roulette Ultimate online roulette
You can also bet on whether the number will be odd or even or if the color of the box is red or black.

Along with the mat with the numbers, there is another mat in the shape of a racetrack called “racetrack”. Here we can bet on already pre-set bets, such as a triple number or other combinations.

From here on, the roulette strategies are personal and in your hands it remains to apply the one that can bring you succulent profits.

Playing in "expert" mode

What has caught our attention the most about this online roulette is the amount of actions that one can do if he knows how to control the control buttons that are at the bottom of the screen. In this menu we will find the "SPIN" or spin button, "CLEAR" that clears our bet or "DOUBLE" that doubles it. But there are two more, the ones that say "REBET" and "REBETx2"

The "REBET" button allows us to repeat the immediately previous bet that we have made, (in case we have a hunch or we are convinced that this bet will end up being a winner at some point). And the "REBETx2" button allows us to repeat the previous bet and at the same time double it.

In addition, in this online roulette we can play in "expert mode", which gives us a new advantage with another button, the one that says "SAVE LAYOUT". This button is used to save combinations and personal strategies in order to use them again when it suits us best.

Once a bet is made playing in "expert mode" we click on the "SAVE LAYOUT" button and save it to use it later. We are allowed to make up to six recordings to reuse them whenever we want.


“Roulette Ultimate” is an online roulette that allows us to establish many strategies in order to obtain important benefits, since it allows us to record them and reuse them when it suits us best. In addition, it is one of those roulette games designed by a company within the European Union, thus complying with all current game security protocols.

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