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Quickspin Casinos 2021

Quickspin Casinos 2021

| Quickspin is a Swedish online casino games developer which, in turn, is also a subsidiary of the multinational Playtech. This company was founded in 2011 in Stockholm and, from the beginning, has specialized in the design, development and distribution of slot games. In fact, their motto is: “We love slots!!”And it seems that they do not go out of the line, since all the games available in their catalog belong to this category.

Quickspin presents itself to the world with a working method that, according to them, is divided into three phases: "Mathematics", when programming a game software; "The perfect experience", in the design of the gameplay of the product to satisfy the needs of the most demanding users, and, finally, the "passion" that its employees put in developing innovative and different games.

Following this philosophy, we are facing a developer who does not stop launching new online slots to the market. Data and numbers:

Best Quickspin Casino Games

We dare to say that Quickspin is a very "millennial" company, at least this is attested by the general vision of its offices in Stockholm and the ones they boast so much about on their official website, (they come to be a mix between a Syllicon startup Valley and the Starbucks sofa area), so it's no wonder their games look young and dynamic.

They have state-of-the-art graphics, with a neat interface, to be integrated into mobile devices and, above all, with an aesthetic taste for cartoons and Japanese manga.

If I were a trendy young man and decided to play a game of slots on my smartphone prepared for e-Games, (while listening to K-Pop), the chosen slot is most likely designed by Quickspin.

Online slots

We must recognize Quickspin that its catalog is very specialized in this type of games, therefore, its best slots are among the highest quality. In any case, and for those who are not familiar with online slots or want to compare Quickspin products with those of other providers, at Casino Billions USA we have a complete guide on slots that can be consulted on our website.

However, this year three new very interesting titles from this company have appeared and that we also recommend trying: "Hammer of Vulcan", Ghost Glyph "and" Artemis vs Medusa "

Table games, video poker and other online casino games

Let's remember at this point that the company's motto was that of “We love slot machines!!”, So until they change their motto you will only find slots in the Quickspin games catalog.

Without a doubt, it is an aspect to take into account for the future of this company and we hope that, at some point, they will put their designers to create online blackjack or video poker games.

Perhaps, it is the lack of games that are not slot machines, which makes Quickspin a provider little demanded among the online casinos available in USA, since both video poker and live and online roulette games are highly appreciated by Spanish users.

Quickspin Mobile Casino Software

Quickspin is a subsidiary of the multinational Playtech, which means that they have the latest software tools developed by one of the world's largest companies in online casino game design. This is why we are going to find options such as the “Flexible Free Round” or the “Free Activation” in their slot machines that allow new rounds for the players who try their luck more times in a game and that are very characteristic of slot machines. by Playtech.

Another positive aspect of Quickspin's software, as a Playtech subsidiary, is that its game integration software for online operators is highly developed, making it quick and easy to have Quickspin slots available on any other platform. An example of this integration is found in the Quickspin online slots found within the catalog offered by Casino Bet365.

In addition, as we said, Quickspin is a company that claims to be at the forefront, so all its products are designed to be played from mobile devices. Finally, they also have a department that develops future games to be enjoyed in 3D.

QuickSpin Games RTP

The RTP offered by Quickspin slots is in a medium-high range compared to the rest of the market. Although it never reaches 98% RTP, its average is between 97% and 96% which ensures high profits, although the chances of getting jackpots are a bit more difficult.

Quickspin Awards

He's barely ten years old, but Quickspin already has a wealth of career accolades. Perhaps it is this collection of awards that has made a multinational like Playtech decide to acquire Quickspin to continue being a leader in the sector.

Safety and security at Quickspin casinos

Being a subsidiary of Playtech, Quickspin games have all the security and confidence that one of the largest companies in the world can give in terms of development and distribution of online casino games.

Their games carry the eCogra Good Practice Guarantee Seal issued by the UK gaming authorities, ensuring that a user can have a safe and hassle-free gaming experience.

This guarantee from eCogra is one of the reasons why casinos like Bet365 have the best Quickspin slots in their catalog of games.

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