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Flash casino games

Flash casino games

Much has been written about the advantages that Flash technology currently offers to enjoy online games without downloading. In USA we have proposed to analyze why this technology has triggered the popularity of online casino games in recent years, especially on mobile devices, and why we recommend it.

The courtship of online and flash casinos

In the beginning, the only way to play at an online casino was by downloading its software onto your computer. And although it is true that the download offered advantages, it also caused headaches for game software developers, especially regarding versions and incompatibilities depending on the user's operating system (PC or MAC OS).

With the evolution of Adobe's Flash technology, capable of supporting various multimedia media, gaming software developers found a way to seamlessly bring online casino games to any user. Thanks to this plugin, no-download casinos were born, which are web applications based on Flash technology that allow you to enjoy online games without downloading and, also, directly in your browser.

Why should you play in Flash format?

No need to download any software. Flash technology is very appreciated for those players who do not want to download an online casino program on their computer due to distrust, or due to lack of space on their hard drive (a casino usually occupies between 100 MB and 250 MB). It is also very practical for users who have an old computer.

Full compatibility

Being a web application, you can play online games without downloading directly in your browser. It is what is known as instant play. You only need to have the latest version of the Flash plug-in installed in your browser and an internet connection. Browsers such as IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera are compatible with Flash, and its update is simple and fast.

Note: Mozilla Firefox often has difficulties with Flash technology. It is not that they are not compatible, but for some reason, the plug in usually crashes in this browser forcing you to restart it. To avoid problems we recommend any other browser.

Great flexibility

Flash technology consumes less power, is lighter than other storage systems, and also speeds up application results. This is a great advantage for gamers and software developers. For the former because the games load much faster and reduce waiting times, and for the latter because, as they do not depend on an operating system, the maintenance and updating of the game software is much easier.


The success and boom in recent years of online casinos on mobile devices (computer, mobile or tablet), and therefore, of online games without downloading, cannot be explained without Flash technology. As it is not necessary to download anything and access to the online casino is done from a browser, you can play the casino from anywhere in the world, that is, whenever and wherever you want.

Quick access

Playing roulette without downloading or multiplayer online games without downloading is not only fast because Flash technology reduces waiting times, it is also because playing from your browser, you can save your log in data in your favorites and access the faster casino without having to remember your username and password.

Try for free

If it weren't for Flash technology, it would be practically impossible to test an online casino without downloading it. This plug in is responsible for the fact that many casinos have developed the free, demo, or practical game mode for players who want to check the quality of the games in an online casino. And this is priceless from a gamer's point of view.

3 online casinos powered by Flash

If at this point in the article you are already convinced of the advantages of playing in Flash format, it is time for you to discover online casinos with online games without downloading that operate in USA with this technology. In USA we recommend these three:

Differences between Flash, Java and HTML5

Java and HTML5 languages ​​often come to the fore when talking about Flash technology. What is the difference between them? Is there any better than another?

Flash technology supports all multimedia supports very well and has contributed to the development of entertainment on the web (youtube). But it is a closed source language, and companies like Apple have even refused to include this technology in their devices. That is why the HTML5 language has been gaining prominence. It is an open source language and key to the web of the future. However, that does not mean that Flash is dead or that HTML5 comes to replace it, the technology of the former is still ideal to enjoy online games without downloading.

Regarding Java, it is nothing more than the alternative developed by Oracle to compete with the Adobe plugin. The success of Flash over Java is due to the fact that it was much more visual, a critical aspect in online games without downloading, and definitely, much more attractive.

The Flash Gaming Experience

Enjoying online games without downloading thanks to Flash technology is an experience that has little or nothing to envy to doing so with the downloadable version. It is true that if you download a casino you will find a greater variety of games, but thanks to the constant improvement of computers and mobile phones (more memory and better processors) more and more games in Flash format are incorporated into the catalog offered by casinos in this format.

The graphics, animations and sound in Flash format still do not match the quality of a downloadable casino, but the one they offer in terms of resolution and realism meets the expectations of any passionate about casino games. In addition, this difference is what makes the loading speed of games be higher in Flash.

Flash Casinos FAQ

It is totally safe, even more because you do not leave a trace of your personal data in your browsing history. In addition, the connection is encrypted with SSL technology.

Can I use any internet connection to play Flash?

Yes, even with a slow connection, as the Flash format is lighter and no excessive data is stored. If you are going to connect to a public WiFi network, make sure it is secure.

If I travel abroad, can I play at the Flash Casino??

Of course yes. Most phone operators have roaming agreements to use the internet abroad. Mind you, it's probably more expensive, don't forget.

Flash casino games

How are the payments and collections in a Flash Casino?

Just as safe and comfortable as in a downloadable casino. You will find the same variety of payment methods in both the Flash version for computer and mobile devices.

Are there differences in gaming experience between Android and iPhone?

Practically none. The only differences are the features that each system and model offer. The gaming experience is essentially the same.

Are the bonuses and promotions the same playing in Flash?

Yes of course. You can enjoy the same welcome bonus if you register at a flash casino and the same promotions.

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