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Classic blackjack

Classic blackjack

It's no secret that online blackjack is one of the most popular games for online casino fans around the world. Along with poker, it is the card game that arouses the most passions among Spanish users. Blackjack, poker and baccarat, (due to their enormous popularity in the Asian continent), form, without any doubt, the triumvirate of card games among the preferences of the players.

This is why the Swedish online casino game developer gr NetEnt presents us with this basic game "Blackjack", intended for all those users, connoisseurs of the game who do not want to complicate their lives with variations or fanfare.

Classic blackjack, a game of Spanish origin

The heated debate about the origin of blackjack has been on the table for a long time and the French and Spanish dispute having invented this popular card game. While the French argue that blackjack was born in the early s.In the 18th century in their casinos with the name of "Vignt-et-un", the Spanish maintain that the game of "Twenty-one" had already been played in USA for a century before.

Be that as it may, both our "Blackjack" and the French "Vignt-et-un" have very similar rules with respect to the current rules of blackjack. While in the "Blackjack", the play of making 21 points with an Ace and a black 10 was not contemplated, (mainly because in the Spanish deck there is no colored suit), in the rules of the "Vingt-et-un "French, the ace was only worth double if it was played by the croupier.

In any case, what is certain is that it was the French settlers who emigrated to North America who made this game popular, regardless of whether they brought it to them from their homeland or learned about it from the hands of the Spanish settlers who were already there.

Netent offers us pure blackjack

NetEnt's “Classic Blackjack” game is a classic game, without arabesques, with a sober interface and simple playability. It shows us a green casino table with your main play on the left of the screen and the dealer's play in the center of it.

The "Classic Blackjack" action commands, to bet or stand, are at the bottom of the mat, as well as in the upper right corner we have a statistical indicator that informs us of the games that the croupier has previously won.

As a note, NetEnt's “Classic Blackjack” does not have a racetrack to make more strategic bets, making it a suitable game for new users who are not very familiar with the variants of this game.

The minimum bet allowed is € 1 and the maximum, (or at least it is described in the panel, another thing is that the online casino in which you play allows it), is € 500 It is rigorous to comment that while others Card games such as baccarat have a rate of return for the player of 98.96%, this "Classic Blackjack" game from NetEnt has a rate of return of 98.75%.

Furthermore, NetEnt's “Balckjack” has a “demo” version so that new users can play for free without risking their money and become familiar with the tricks of the game in order to win in the future with real money.

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