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European roulette online

The sound of the cylinder, the ringing of the ball jumping from one number to another, the carousel of boats until the ball lands on our number

European roulette online
The sounds of the roulette wheel have been accompanying us for centuries, delighting fans in the casinos around the world. It was logical that, with the birth of the internet, online roulette was one of the star games that we can enjoy in the best online casinos.

In this sense, the Swedish game developer NetEnt presents “European Roulette”, a classic roulette game that perfectly meets the expectations for both online roulette experts and those fans who are approaching the virtual version for the first time. of this casino game.

What kind of game is it?

This online roulette is like most roulette wheels, it has a game mechanism accessible to any player, no matter how novice, but it allows developing increasingly elaborate strategies as the user's level advances. It is a very popular online roulette, which is why it is usually very common in the roulette catalog offered by the main online casinos.

Playing "european roulette"

We must take a factor into account whenever we face a new online roulette, we need to know what type of roulette games we face. We can be before a game of French, American or European roulette. With "European Roulette" we are not going to have any doubts, (at least for the name), but if you do not know the difference between the three, it is better that you continue reading this report.

American roulette and French roulette basically differ in the number of spaces on the spinning bowl. While the American one has 38 numbered squares, (among them, two green ones with the numbers 0 and double 00), the French online roulette has 37 squares, that is to say, it only has a single green square with the number 0. European and French roulette are practically similar, only that sometimes they differ in aesthetics or in the minimum wagering required. Later we will see why.

European roulettes in land-based casinos are usually larger than American ones, because players can sit on both sides of the table.

European roulette online
The numbers in European roulette are bigger on the table and this has a reason in physical casinos, since European roulette is played with the players seated and the American one is played with the players standing. In online roulette this aesthetic difference is maintained simply by tradition.

As for how to play a European roulette, the mechanics are simple but the possible bet combinations are very large. Just let the ball roll around the numbered container and bet on the number where you think the ball will stop. You can make other bets such as odd or even bets or also, if the ball will stop on a red or black square.

Profit margin

When we play European roulette we must bear in mind that the casino's profit margin is lower. Why does this occur? By the so-called "house edge" That is, the long-term average profit that the casino has with respect to a player.

This profit margin is lower in a European roulette as it has one less space than the American roulette. The profit margin of our roulette wheel is 2.63% for the house, while, if we were playing an American roulette, the "house edge" would increase to 5.63%

In what affects a player is that, having a lower profit margin, it is very likely that the online casino forces the minimum bets in the "European Roulette" to be much higher. In this way, the effect that occurs is that American online roulettes are much more popular and have more followers than European ones, despite being more risky.

The ball has been spinning for centuries

Before we dive into NetEnt's "European Roulette" game, let's do a bit of history on the origins of this popular game of chance.

This invention of the s.XVIII is attributed to the French philosopher and mathematician Blaise Pascal, who in addition to being a genius of probability, also seems to have been a precursor of modern bets, since he tried to demonstrate the existence of God mathematically through a theory called "Bet Pascal ”, (at what rate would the existence of God be paid today in a betting house??)

Be that as it may, in his endeavor to invent a continuous motion machine, he developed the first game of roulette, in which he tried to make the probability that the ball land on one number or another be completely random and that each number had the same chances of being awarded.

In fact, the uniform calibration of the numbers of a physical roulette is the key for a roulette to work randomly, (let's not forget that the famous Spanish players "Los Pelayos" discovered a manufacturing defect in the calibration of a brand of tables roulette and, thanks to it, they became millionaires). This is why the algorithms in online roulettes must be verified when playing in a safe and reliable online casino, and in this sense, the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling, (DGOJ), the highest regulator in USA, it is very strict with the controls of the algorithms.

Playing “european roulette” by netent

NetEnt's “European Roulette” is an online casino game with a very neat interface, (although somewhat overloaded for our taste), where the first thing we will see is the roulette cylinder at the top of the screen and the racetrack of the bets at the bottom.

The first thing that strikes us about “European Roulette” is that in its cylinder we only have a 0 box while the double 00 box does not exist. And that is the main difference between a European roulette such as "European Roulette" and an American roulette, where we would find a double 00 box.

In the lower part below the racetrack, we will find the boxes that will allow us to make different bets on the color, red or black, on the specific number or the different types of bets, external, (with a greater probability of success), internal, (with less probability of success, but higher profits), and neighbors, (those in which at least five numbers intervene).

Do not worry if you are not familiar with the types of bets of "European Roulette" because, in the lower left corner of the screen, you have a question mark on which, by clicking, it will clarify any doubts.

It is necessary to mention the upper right part of the screen, where the "hot" and "cold" numbers are reflected, (that is, those that have been winners the most times and those that have not), so that you can establish your face strategies to win more prizes.

Finally, NetEnt's “European Roulette” has a “demo” or “playing for fun” mode so that you can play for free without risking your money and thus get to know the different tricks that this exciting classic European roulette game has.


"European Roulette" is an online roulette that is easy to use and recommended for inexperienced players, as it is easier to beat the casino, although the minimum bets we have to make are higher. It is developed by Playtech, a British software provider famous in the world of online games.

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