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Vikings slot machine

Vikings slot machine

| To speak of Vikings is to speak of ambition, an adventurous spirit and, of course, the mythical Drakar. All this and much more is what the "Vikings" slot offers you. This exciting Viking online slot machine developed by Unidesa (Grupo CIRSA), brings one of its greatest successes from its catalog of bar slot machines in USA to the online format. And also, it does it with note because Viking slots are very recurrent among game developers and the competition is brutal.

As you can imagine, the “Vikings” slot is a mixed format. It combines a lower screen that takes place on the deck of the mythical Viking Drakar with an upper screen in which different Viking-themed mini-games take place such as the looting of villages or the onslaught of the legendary sea monster Kraken (giant squid).

Playing on the deck of the drakar

The bottom screen of the “Vikings” slot machine has a single payline (3 × 3), that is, it pays for an online combination of three equal figures. This screen combines the classic figures of the bar slot machines (fruits and diamonds) and the wild symbol is represented by a female Viking figure, which substitutes any other figure to form a winning combination.

On this screen, the winning combinations can activate the mini game “Al Boarding” of the slot machine “Vikings” for free. This mini game takes place on the upper deck of the Drakar and consists of throwing a ball that runs along the deck until it ends up in a chest with prizes. The game mechanics are reminiscent of the Pin Ball, and one of the tricks is to throw it skillfully to win the prizes.

Don't forget that no-prize lines sometimes grant free advances. If you know which reel to advance, you can form a winning combination and activate the ball game once more.

Sail the sea avoiding the kraken

The figure of the bonds is represented by a gold coin with the Viking effigy. If you manage to get it to come out on the pay line, the mini games on the top screen of the "Vikings" slot machine are activated. These free mini games are also activated if you achieve a combination of three special figures (horizontally, vertically or diagonally): "Shield with sword", "Viking ship" or "Viking warrior".

Looting - You are part of a Viking horde that loots a neighboring village. You can scavenge a barrel, a pig, a fish, a horn or a chest. Each item has an associated award. Your mission is to choose the best loot.

The Kraken - Memorize the value of six Viking shields and then choose three of the six displayed. Each shield hides different prizes.

The map - On the screen you can see a Viking village complete with huts, statues, watchtower, forest, port and Drakar. Choose the location you want and you will get the prize it hides.


Unidesa's “Vikings” slot machine manages to keep up with the best Viking slot machines. And the reasons are several: attractive design, fun and juicy mini games and a complete gaming experience. For neophytes and experts, the slot machine "Vikings" is a more than interesting option to have a good time and, incidentally, take a juicy loot.

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