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Online Casino Bonuses

If you are one of those who loves to receive a lot for very little, online casino bonuses are for you. Casino bonuses are free money that help you enrich your gaming experience and maximize your winnings if you meet their conditions. They are an inseparable part of online casinos and their main claim for you to register in them. The market is flooded with casino bonuses, and only the most competitive winners either by their amount or by their attractive conditions.

Best online casino bonuses in USA in 2020

Fortunately, casino bonuses have evolved since the first online casinos appeared. Today, thanks to the regulation of online gambling, the casino bonus has become a fantastic ally to play the casino without cheating, abuse and other fraud.

In this complete guide we will tell you about the facts and figures of the online casino bonuses that exist, their operation, their characteristics, and how to identify the best casino bonuses in USA.

Types of online casino bonuses

There are as many casino bonuses as there are online casinos. They are generally classified as bonuses with deposit or without deposit, but also by the type of game where you can enjoy them, such as free spins. Furthermore, a player's VIP level also influences the type of casino bonus they receive. Here are the best online casino bonuses you can get:

1. Casino Welcome Bonus

It is the quintessential casino bonus and the most attractive, lucrative and competitive in the casino. It is designed to differentiate itself from the competition and entice the potential player to open an account with an irresistible offer: a percentage of their first deposit in the form of free money. This bonus is also called by other names such as "welcome offer" or "first deposit bonus".

The percentage of the welcome bonus ranges between 50% and 200% and its maximum amount varies greatly from one casino to another. By law, online casinos in USA can only offer a welcome bonus of up to € 200. The most common is 100% up to € 100 or € 200 with a minimum deposit. from 10 €.

In international casinos, the registration bonus in casinos exceeds € 200. How? They don't actually offer you a single bonus, but two or three for your first deposits. Only then, the final sum of the bonuses you receive from the welcome offer can reach that figure.

2. No Deposit Casino Bonus

To make the welcome bonus more attractive and attract new customers, casinos include a no deposit bonus in their welcome offers. As the name suggests, it is a bonus that is obtained without the need to make a deposit and is intended for new players to try casino games. Basically, they are free casino bonuses to discover the magic of casinos.

The no deposit casino bonus does not exceed € 20 and in USA it is offered to verify the identity of newly registered customers. Being a free bonus, it has a validity that does not exceed seven days and a profit limit to avoid abusive use.

3. Deposit bonus

It is the most widespread, popular and requested casino bonus by players. It is very similar to the casino welcome bonus but with slight differences. For example: it is aimed at all players and not just new ones.

It is obtained by making a daily, weekly or monthly deposit and reaches a maximum percentage of 75% of your deposit. It is designed so that you never run out of bonus in your game session and always have fun. You can receive it with casino promotions using promotional codes, or receive them by email. Also called reload bonus or weekly bonus.

4. Cashback voucher

Also known as cashback, this bonus is a way to compensate players who have suffered losses in their gaming session. It is very popular with roulette and blackjack players, because thanks to it, no one who goes through a bad streak leaves the casino empty-handed.

Each casino has its own way of awarding the cashback bonus. But in general, it consists of giving the player a percentage of his losses (5% - 50%) in the form of a bonus. The “refund” is calculated based on the weekly losses of the player and its maximum value ranges between € 50 and € 500.

5. Free Spins Bonus

Also known as free spins, extra spins or just free spins, they are a type of free casino bonus that gives more satisfaction to casinos. It is usually given as a gift to complement the welcome offer to make it more attractive or as a separate promotion.

Generally free spins can be used on any slot machine. Sometimes in a certain gaming software, and sometimes in a specific slot when the casino wants to promote it because it is new. If they are casino promotions they require a minimum deposit using promotional codes. They expire after 7 days; and to release the winnings, you have to make a minimum bet of 0.€ 15 or 0.€ 20 per spin.

6. Loyalty bonus

Being faithful has its advantages, and more in an online casino. Online casinos know how to reward the loyalty of their players with all kinds of gifts and prizes, and one of them is the loyalty bonus. This casino bonus has a significantly higher percentage than the classic deposit bonus (easily exceeds 100%) and even more attractive conditions to release it.

Its advantages are usually published in the VIP Club or Loyalty Program section of the casino. The higher the VIP level, the higher the amount and the better its conditions. They are usually offered through personalized emails or by phone.

7. Deposit method bonus

This casino bonus was very common when online casinos and the first online payment methods appeared. To avoid the mistrust that depositing with a credit card generated in potential players, casinos offered deposit bonuses of 10% or 15% for using alternative payment methods (e-wallets and prepaid cards). Today they are in disuse and are only found in recently created international casinos.

8. Friendship voucher

Competition between casinos is such that any legitimate way to get new players is welcome. One of them are friendship bonuses, or also known as "reward for inviting a friend". Its operation is simple. If you are a casino customer and invite a friend to open an account, the casino gives you and your friend a casino bonus as long as your friend signs up and makes a deposit. The amount and conditions of this bonus vary from one casino to another.

9. High Roller Bonus

If you don't already know, High Roller is the English term for high rollers. We refer to those players who make astronomical deposits and bet large sums without shaking their pulse. For these players, personalized High Roller bonuses are offered via email or phone that exceed 100% and are sometimes accompanied by gifts and VIP treatment.

10. Birthday voucher

Casinos do not miss any occasion to pamper yourself, and your birthday is one of those occasions. On your birthday, many casinos remember that special date and give you a birthday bonus by email to make your day happier.

Online casino bonus conditions

Every online casino is obliged to publish the conditions of their bonuses in a transparent and clear way. And reading them is the key to choosing good online casino bonuses. We need to read them all, but if you know what to look for, you will know how to identify the best casino bonuses in USA. So before accepting a bonus, do not rush and analyze the following aspects:

1. Betting requirements

Also known as Rollover or Playtrough, it is the first thing you should check for a bonus. Rollover is the wagering requirement that you must satisfy to clear your bonus. Rollover aims to stimulate casino play and in turn allow the player to make more winnings by playing “free money” when the bonus is released. A total win-win!

Each casino sets the Rollover of its bonuses as it wants and there are basically two models. The type of Rollover that we recommend and that we think guarantees a balanced and responsible gaming experience is the one that asks you to bet 30/40 times the value of your bonus. Any higher Rollover or that asks you to bet X times the sum of your deposit plus the value of the bonus does not seem reasonable to us.

That said, and as we indicated before when talking about expiration, in no deposit bonuses, and in free casino bonuses in general, the Rollover can shoot up to 50 times the amount of the bonus. In these cases, a high Rollover is justified to limit the abusive use of these free bonuses.

👉 Casino Billions Tip: the sticky bonus is a fraudulent type of bonus in relation to Rollover. As much as you meet its conditions, it is not released. Hence its name. It is typical of unlicensed casinos. How to dodge them? Playing only at trusted and licensed online casinos.

2. Rollover period

It is the second key aspect to consider, especially if it is a welcome bonus. And it should not be confused with the expiration of the voucher, which is different.

The Rollover period of a bond is variable. In deposit bonuses (including welcome bonuses) this period can be 14, 30 and 60 days depending on the casino. That said, it is true that there are certain free casino bonuses such as free spins or no deposit casino bonuses, which only give you 7 days to satisfy the Rollover. But they are cases where it is totally justified by commercial reasons of the casino. Do not discard them. If your pace and frequency of play allow it, take advantage of them!

3. Bet contribution

As you probably know, the results of certain casino games depend solely on chance, such as slots. In others, such as Blackjack and Punto Banco, a degree of skill of the player intervenes increasing their chances of winning. And in others, such as online roulette, you have more options to win a prize depending on the type of bet you make. Therefore, the weight of "chance" in your bets will influence whether they contribute a greater or lesser percentage to satisfy the Rollover of the bonus. Bet contribution percentages vary quite a bit, but the most common are the following:

The conclusion is obvious: always choose a bonus with high stake contribution percentages to satisfy the Rollover as quickly as possible.

👉 Tip Casino Billions: be wary of bonuses that, having table games in the casino catalog, only allow you to satisfy the Rollover of the bonus with slots.

4. Bonus Earnings Limit

How much money can you earn with the bonus once released? Does the casino set a maximum winnings that you can withdraw? It is the last point that you must analyze in the conditions of a bond. Again, it depends on the casino, but with the best casino bonuses in USA you can win and withdraw up to € 500 or € 1000 (Jackpot prizes included sometimes). In the event that your winnings exceed the limit set by the casino, the surplus is removed from your account upon withdrawal.

And why is there a limit to the winnings obtained with a bonus? Because even if you have earned the bonus, it is still a free gift from the casino. The limit of winnings per bonus responds to a budget and forecast of the casino. If they had no limit and expiration, players would abuse them and could compromise casino accounts.

Play online casino bonuses

At Casino Billions we believe that online casino bonuses are a good way to enjoy an online casino and fill your pockets as long as you choose the right bonus. And the best way to hit a bonus is to know your favorite games, your frequency of play and ALWAYS read their conditions.

If you were to ask us what criteria to follow to choose the best online casino bonuses (and we mean a deposit bonus), it would be these:

In conclusion, we believe that the best bonus is not always the one with the highest amount or the one that gives you the most free spins, but the one that offers you the best conditions for your player profile and the one that most guarantees you a responsible gaming experience. Never be impressed by bonus marketing, even the most bombastic and alluring welcome bonuses. Remember that all bonuses are optional, and that you can accept or reject them if their conditions do not convince you.

Online Casino Bonuses - Frequently Asked Questions

Because nobody gives hard to four pesetas. The objective of the Rollover is not to get the money from the player, but to stimulate the game in exchange for a gift. In addition, they help combat money laundering.

Can I play at the casino without completing a Rollover?

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