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Arcane reel chaos slot

Arcane Reel Chaos Slot is available in a large number of online casinos in USA. For this reason, it is essential that you know the maximum information and the different tricks or strategies that you can use in it to have a better chance of obtaining benefits.

Game: Arcane Reel Chaos Developer: NetEnt Type: Slot Machine RTP: 96.8% Rollers: 5 rollers Paylines: 20 paylines Minimum bet: 0.20 coins Maximum bet: 100 coins Jackpot: 242.500 coins Free Spins: Yes Bonus round: No Multiplier: Yes


Arcane Reel Chaos Slot offers a large number of prizes, which is just what online casino players are looking for. For this reason, in USA this slot machine is designed so that most users can choose and enjoy the theme of several superheroes who must defeat a villain. This will be in charge of doing evil and the players must gather the heroes to avoid their evils.

This slot machine has up to a total of 20 pay lines, so each player can choose the amount they want to risk and the number of pay lines they want to play on. Virtually all online slots allow this and this great creation of NetEnt was not going to be the opposite.

The main symbols of the Arcane Reel Chaos Slot are the cards A, K, Q, J, as well as the villain Deep Pockets and the superheroes who try to stop him. Players also have a large number of wilds available. These symbols can substitute for any other symbol within this slot, making it easier for players to find combinations to win prizes.

Free spins

The extra spins are one of the main attractions of the Net Enterteinement slots that exist in the online casinos open in our country. Arcane Reel Chaos also awards free spins at various levels of the free spins bonus phase.

During the game of each of the players who are investing their money in this slot machine, the 4 random functions will be activated. One of them is activated when the player manages to collect the scatter symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5. This feature gives players the opportunity to get free bonuses in the fight between Deep Pockets and one of the heroes that appears in the game.

Bonus rounds

Bonus rounds are very common as they take place randomly as they can appear at any time that players are enjoying the slot machine. The Arcane Reel Chaos Slot has the flare function in which x3 and x5 multipliers appear of all the prizes that are achieved with the combinations of the next spin.

On the other hand, the chronos function allows players to enjoy a new spin without spending money after a round without prizes. The multipliers increase if the no-prize rounds continue to pass. The psyop feature allows players to cover two or three reels with wilds in search of the ideal combination to win big.

The RTP percentage of this game is 96.8%, one of the highest among all NetEnt slot machines. The maximum prize in a round multiplies the player's bet up to 1212 times. This means that you can get a large amount of money without having to make a very large investment on your part in the online casino.


The fun that can be had with the Arcane Reel Chaos Slot is very high since players who play in USA love to enjoy so many multipliers and free spins.

The jackpot is one of those treasures so coveted by any player who likes NetEnt slots. Therefore, if you want to help the superheroes catch the villain, you have a great chance to win it. All players will be able to make all kinds of maximum and minimum bets. Accessibility to everyone is one of the advantages of this slot machine. Also, you can look for new tricks and strategies in the free version to practice before betting.

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