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Reliable and safe online casinos in USA

For casinos, always choose reliable online casinos in USA, the only ones capable of guaranteeing you a gaming experience without abuse, scams or unpleasant surprises.

Reliable and safe online casinos in USA
These casinos are the only ones that can offer you all the guarantees of security, protection and impartiality. At CasinoBillions we only recommend reliable casinos and we will tell you how to recognize them so that your experience is fun and 100% safe.

The best reliable online casinos in USA 2021

There are several elements whose mere presence in an online casino indicates that it is reliable. There are others, less obvious but very easy to identify, that also confirm this. In general, the aspects that help to recognize reliable online casinos are related to the legality of the operator, the protection of the player and the integrity of the casino. Are these:

How we choose the best reliable online casinos in USA

In USA, reliable casinos share many things that have to do with safe gambling and the protection of user data. These aspects are those that we explain below in detail and that our team of experts analyzes to include them in our list of recommended casinos. In other words, they are aspects that guarantee a fun, safe and impartial gaming experience.

Online gambling is regulated in USA, therefore, the license issued by the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling is the first thing we look for. In USA, licensed online casinos are recognized because they operate under a “.es ”and they must make visible on their website their license number and the logos of‘ Safe Gaming ’,‘ Play Well ’,‘ +18 ’and‘ Self-exclusion ’.

The SSL certificate is an unmistakable mark of secure online casinos because it indicates that the most sensitive connections (payments and withdrawals) are encrypted to protect your personal and financial data. To check the existence of the SSL certificate, just check if the URL of the casino starts with ‘https: //‘ and a padlock icon appears on the left.

Reliable online casinos don't bother you to collect your winnings. On the contrary, they do their best to quickly process your withdrawal request and minimize the paperwork of the process. In fact, we have verified it and the normal thing is that they approve your request in a couple of days and you receive your money immediately. Of course, if you choose the bank transfer, it will take two days.

One of the technical requirements demanded by the DGOJ to issue a license is that the RNG of the games offered by the casino be certified by an independent company (GLI, eCogra, BMM, iTech Labs) and published on its website. The RNG certificate guarantees that the results of the games are random and unpredictable, meaning that the games are not tampered with.

Phishing is a danger for the user and for the reputation of online casinos. When in casinos there are strong security protocols and powerful firewalls to avoid cyberattacks that compromise the data of their clients, we know that we are dealing with safe online casinos.

A multichannel customer service (email, live chat, free phone and online form) that is efficient, fast and responds in Spanish, is typical of reliable online casinos.

This aspect is one of the best litmus tests to recognize a casino with integrity and honesty. If the bonuses it offers are well explained, its wagering requirements are realistic (or at least reasonable) and have a long validity period, the casino is definitely legit!!

A legal requirement that licensed and therefore reliable casinos must meet is to encourage responsible gambling with self-exclusion mechanisms and limiting the maximum amount of deposits. Also fight gambling by providing links to support associations.

Why is the operating license important in USA

The DGOJ is the first interested in that only safe online casinos operate. That is why it requires compliance with legal and technical requirements to issue an operations license. A licensed online casino is showing that it meets these requirements. That is, you have invested the money, time and resources required by law to guarantee a safe and impartial game, and to protect the player from any fraud or scam.

How to check the license of an online casino in USA

If the ‘Safe Gaming’ logo on the casino website is not enough for you, you can check its license yourself by visiting the DGOJ website: game ordination.en You just have to click on 'Gaming Operators' from the right menu and then on 'Licensed Operators' to access the complete list of operators (casino, poker and sports betting) authorized to operate in USA and find out the type of license ( s) they have, their date of issue and validity.

How Spanish casinos protect my personal data

Safe online casinos protect your personal and financial data in two ways. The first, mentioned above, is with the SSL encryption of the most sensitive pages of your website (registration, payments and withdrawals).

Reliable and safe online casinos in USA
The details and validity of the certificate are checked by pressing the padlock that you will only find in browsers that support SSL certificates: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge and Safari. The second is the privacy policy. By law, casinos cannot share your personal data with third parties, which minimizes your risk of being a victim of ‘Phishing’ practices.

Payment methods accepted by reliable casinos in USA

None of the safe online casinos operating in USA would risk the investment they have made to obtain their license by accepting payment methods of dubious reputation. Reliable online casinos in USA only accept safe and reliable payment methods which, in turn, also use their own encryption systems to ensure maximum security. There are many, and the most popular are VISA or MasterCard, PayPal, or the PaysafeCard prepaid card.

How to avoid online casino fraud in USA

If you have reached this section you should know it, but let's do a review. Never register in online casinos without a license or whose license is not monitored by Spanish authorities. Always check the conditions of the bonuses and never accept those that ask you to satisfy a wagering requirement greater than 30 or 40 times the amount of the bonus. Always flee from casinos that do not have a published privacy and data protection policy, and even more so from those that do not publish the RNG certificate of impartiality for their games (they could be manipulated).

Brief summary of the most reliable online casinos in USA

Behind the low profile that Jokerbet projects, lies a reliable casino that takes the privacy and security of its users very seriously. And the best proof is its quality SSL certificate, its very clear privacy policy and its commitment to responsible gaming.

When you play at Play UZU you have the certainty that it is a reliable casino, and that is that this operator is promoted as the fair and transparent casino. Its offers and promos are designed so that the user can feel (and verify) that they are never cheated with their money.

Sportium is a reliable online casino where they exist. To begin with, it is owned by CIRSA, a Spanish gaming and leisure company with an impeccable reputation. In addition, its hundreds of thousands of users and its great online growth are the best proof of its success and, therefore, reliability.

Security and compliance with the gambling law are beyond suspicion at Casino 777. In fact, it was one of the first to verify the identity of its users in USA. In addition, the presence of prestigious developers in its offer indicates that it is considered a reliable casino by the industry itself.

If there is an online casino that obsessively complies with Spanish legislation on online gambling, it is Luckia. That gives you an idea of ​​the security, protection and tranquility with which its users play. In short, a reliable online casino from the day it was born.

Although not as famous as the magazine, Marca's online casino guarantees security and fairness to all its users. Its casino and games are the work of Playtech, an online game developer of recognized international prestige synonymous with security and reliability.

If Yo Casino enjoys very good ratings throughout the network for something it will be. And it is that in addition to being a great gambling option, the security of its platform, its efficient customer service and the emphasis it places on responsible gambling, makes it a 100% reliable casino.

The large presence of large developers in Circus (almost 20) means only one thing: that the industry considers it a reliable casino without reservations, something that at CasinoBillions we also subscribe in view of the seriousness with which they treat the key aspects in this matter.

Frequent questions:

Reliable online casinos in USA are quickly recognized if they meet 4 requirements: they have a DGOJ license, an SSL and RNG certificate, and the Rollover of their bonuses is realistic.

Can an online casino without a license be reliable in USA?

The answer is no. Playing in an online casino without a license is equivalent to being exposed to scams. You are completely unprotected and in case of fraud the law in USA does not protect you.

What are the best reliable online casinos in USA?

Logically, the best reliable online casinos in USA are those that meet all the requirements mentioned above. Then, it is a matter of preferences to choose the one that attracts you the most.

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