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Berry burst slot

Fruit slot machines are the first games to be offered in online casinos when new technologies appeared. Therefore, it is time to offer you a great analysis of the Berry Burst Slot and all the possible information about it to apply different tricks or strategies.

Game: Berry Burst Developer: NetEnt Type: Slot Machine RTP: 96.56% Rollers: 5 rollers Pay lines: No Minimum bet: 0.10 coins Maximum bet: 200 coins Jackpot: 5.000 coins Free Spins: No Bonus round: No Multiplier: No


The Berry Burst Slot is the most modern fruit slot since most of these games that are in any online casino have much simpler graphics than this slot. As its name suggests, fruits are the main theme of the slot, since everything revolves around them.

It has the normal structure of all online slots, that is, five reels and no pay lines that the player can adjust to suit their needs. It does not have pay lines when awarding the prizes according to the groups of fruits that the user manages to combine in each of the rounds of their game experience.

The Berry Burst slot machine makes players feel that they are in front of a slot machine in a real establishment, but in a much more comfortable and fun way by having the latest technology implemented. NetEnt usually produces very enjoyable and entertaining game software. This time he has also succeeded, since the evaluation by online casino players is always high.

When playing it is important to take into account all the symbols that exist such as diamonds, spades, hearts, lime, grapes, tangerine and raspberry. All fruit symbols allow users to create combinations to win prizes, although some have a higher value than the rest.

This slot machine allows players to have a wide variety of fruits with which they can win prizes while they play, as well as other bonuses and free spins.

Free spins

Regular online casino players are big fans of the free spins that are awarded by most of the slots in their games. The Berry Burst Slot does not grant free spins since with the amount of possible combinations with prizes it is enough for the players. Still, there are some online casino users who are disappointed that they cannot get free spins on this game.

The biggest trick is trying to sign up with an online casino that has Berry Burst and offers a welcome bonus for their players, possibly including free spins. Even so, the important fact is that you cannot get free spins within the Berry Burst Slot since there is no combination that gives that prize.

Bonus rounds

When the Wild icon kicks in, it spreads across all symbols for players to win big prizes on each spin. This action is something that fascinates players, so your goal should always be to look for the Wild symbol.

Wild substitutes for any symbol throughout the game, except if you hit 15 wilds. The Wild symbol remains in place while the other reels spin again. After the new spin ends, any additional Wild symbols that appear on the reels are expanded in the same way as the initial spins. If a fifth Wild symbol appears, another round is not triggered and a double payout is awarded for matching all 15 Wild symbols.

This function will multiply your bet by 5.000, a very large prize that is quite difficult to get.


Fruit slot machines never go out of style and anyone can enjoy the most modern ones like the Berry Burst Slot. The key is that players can have a good time in one of the latest creations available in the online casino in USA. By working without a pay line, you have the possibility to directly bet the same thing without taking into account the amount and with the sole objective of achieving winning combinations.

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