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Archangel’s salvation slot

Archangel’s salvation slot

One of the most innovative slot machines from NetEnt is the Archangel’s Salvation Slot which offers great fun and prize options, so that players can get out of the routine that they normally find in other online slots.

Game: Archangel’s Salvation Developer: NetEnt Type: Slot Machine RTP: 96% Rollers: 6 rollers Paylines: 100 paylines Minimum bet: 0.01 coins Maximum bet: 0.5 coins Jackpot: 150 coins Free Spins: Yes Bonus round: No Multiplier: No


The main feature to highlight of the Archangel’s Salvation Slot is that it is the first NetEnt game with up to 100 pay lines, so in this slot players opt for a large number of possible payouts and prizes. The game is a recreation of good and evil through the angel and the devil, as if they were in heaven or hell.

This type of theme is quite unknown in online slots in USA, so players will always find it attractive to enjoy some innovative games like this one we are talking about. Graphics quality is virtually unmatched, tested by even the most demanding and experienced online casino players. Not only do the graphics stand out. Players can also enjoy a large number of animations such as seeing the movement of the angel's wings or hearing the breathing of the demon. The sound of war allows players to fully immerse themselves in the game so that they truly feel in control of good and evil as they win prizes in the online slot.

The symbols that make up the Archangel’s Salvation Slot are diamonds and diamonds in glasses, as well as various figures and masks that symbolize good and evil, so everything revolves around the main theme of this slot.

Free spins

One of the great tricks to earn money, while users have fun and have a good time while playing this slot, is to take advantage of the free spins that the game is granting during its development. The “S” symbol makes two symbols together by occupying two positions on the reels, so if you are able to match 3 “S” symbols you will be awarded 10 free spins.

The higher the combinations of “S” symbols, the more free spins you will get up to a maximum of 25. For the player, trying to achieve the highest number of free spins is very advantageous since this way they will be able to get their winnings in the online casino without having to use their own funds.

Bonus rounds

The vast majority of Archangel’s Salvation Slot bonuses are earned through the extra spins round mentioned above. Even so, a large number of players choose to try to get the maximum prize of 375 times the bet that the user has made. This option allows large amounts of money to be achieved when playing this slot machine.

This slot does not have multipliers since having 100 pay lines players have the option to select how much money they want to risk on each spin up to a maximum of 0.5 coins, which would be equivalent to € 200. The RTP percentage is another of the priority aspects for any player since it is 96%, so players will have to use their tricks and skills well to earn money.


The latest technology implemented by NetEnt in the Archangel’s Salvation Slots makes the most ambitious players surprised with the possibility of playing with up to 100 paylines. This allows you to make large investments and qualify for unimaginable prizes that could change anyone's life in a single spin.

Being an innovative theme, difficult to find in online slots that tend to abound in other online casinos in USA, players are attracted to playing this slot machine and value it very positively.

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