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Flowers slot

Flowers slot

NetEnt innovates again with a flower-themed slot machine for nature lovers to win a variety of prizes and enjoy while placing their bets. Stay tuned to all the information on this slot and all the features that are in the game.

Characteristics and type of game

This game has a very animated interface so that online casino players can have a constant animated gaming experience. Nature and flowers are the main protagonists of the Flowers Slot with different symbols such as the letters J, Q, K and AS. The different flowers inside the symbol are of different colors and can win multiple free spins if the necessary combinations are achieved to activate the bonus function.

The RTP percentage of the game is 96.32%, so users usually get big during the game. Each of the symbols have different shapes since the flowers can appear individually or double, with two figures at the same time. The benefits of double symbol combinations are higher than those of single symbols, although the difficulty of achieving them is greater.

Best recommendations for flowers slot machine

The 30 game lines allow users to invest their money according to the game budget since they have the possibility of adapting the amount of money they want to risk in each of the spins. To know the winning game lines, you just have to click on a symbol and you will be shown all the options to win money through them.

Strategies and tricks to earn money

One of the strategies most followed by the followers of the Flowers Slot is to gain experience in the free version before starting to bet with money. It is much easier to get benefits if you know the game in depth since it is what will really allow you to place bets correctly and opt for the winning symbol combinations.

Flowers slot features

All the symbols are distributed in a box with several leaves on the sides to recreate the atmosphere of a garden. In addition, the different options to win free spins are what users like the most since they can thus be eligible for prizes without having to risk their account balance. Sound is another of the most characteristic aspects of the game since you can hear the birds singing and some other animals that are loose in the forest.

A fact of interest to consider

All combinations that award prizes must have at least three matching symbols, although the winnings will be higher if you get combinations with a greater number of matching tiles. Double symbols count as if both tiles were separated. With this, players will be able to achieve winning combinations in a simpler way. Bet levels can be changed within the game so that each user is not forced to always invest the same. It is advisable to lower the amount of the bet if you are on a losing streak to avoid too many losses in the game.

Frequently asked questions

A large number of online casinos offer the Flowers Slot in their games catalog since online slots of this type are highly valued among users in USA.

Are there different game limits?

NetEnt slot machines always allow you to change the different bets that players want to make on each spin and the Flowers Slot is no exception. Players can change the number of coins they invest in each bet and the value of each of them.

How to win money on the flowers slot?

To have a better chance of winning money on this slot, the ideal is that you take experience in the free version of the game to familiarize yourself and better know the winning combinations.

Can it be played on mobile devices?

The Flowers Slot is fully adapted so that players can enjoy it from anywhere and without the need to always play on a computer.

Is it safe to play the flowerss slot?

The Flowers Slot can be played safely in online casinos that are licensed to operate legally in USA. All these web pages have an advanced security system so that players only have to worry about enjoying.

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