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Blood suckers slot

Blood suckers slot

Blood Suckers is one of the slot machines that gives the greatest number of benefits to players and its theme is quite exciting in an online casino. Therefore, if you are thinking of starting to play the Blood Suckers Slot, it is recommended that you first have the maximum information about it and the tricks that you can apply.

Game: Blood Suckers Developer: NetEnt Type: Slot Machine RTP: 98% Rollers: 5 rollers

Blood suckers slot
Pay lines: 25 pay lines Minimum bet: 0.01 coins Maximum bet: 5 coins Jackpot: 7.500 coins Free Spins: Yes Bonus round: Yes Multiplier: No


The main characteristic of the Blood Suckers Slot is its large RTP percentage of 98% since that gives players a great impression by having greater chances of winning money in this slot. It has five reels and a total of 25 pay lines, so players can choose how many to invest their money on.

The theme of Blood Suckers is of vampires that suck blood, as can be seen in a large number of well-known films and series. There are a large number of vampire slot machines in any online casino, but this NetEnt creation adds more than the rest.

The graphics are not too modern as this is a slot machine that is a few years old, still players love to keep playing and trying to win money at the online casino.

The main symbols of this slot machine are related to the main theme, so you can find different types of vampires, stakes, potions and books with crucifixes to prevent these evil beings from approaching you. With the different combinations that the pay lines allow, you can win great prizes and enjoy your gaming experience.

Free spins

NetEnt never follows a fixed structure in the creation of its games as some offer free spins and others do not. In the case of the Blood Suckers Slot, it is important to pay attention to the symbols that you manage to combine in a specific round since you will be able to get a large number of free spins. Players are passionate about the idea of ​​being able to play and win prizes without risking their balance at the online casino.

The Scatter of this slot machine is the symbol represented by a vampire bride. By combining three of these symbols in the Blood Suckers Slot, you will get 10 free spins and it will increase according to the number of Scatters. With 4 Scatters together, 20 free spins are awarded and with 5 Scatters, the maximum of free spins which is 30.

A peculiarity is that the free spins do not end here since the players of this slot have the possibility of getting more free spins while spinning the reels with one of them, that is, a large number of free spins can be accumulated without any type risky.

Bonus rounds

In addition to having the Wild and Scatter symbols, the Blood Suckers Slot has a Bonus Game, which, if you manage to combine 3 or more, the game will go to a bonus round where the prizes are much higher.

The Bonus Game feature appears with a large number of coffins from which slot players must select and uncover what's inside. Depending on the coffins they have chosen, they will enjoy a series of prizes or other. One of the main tricks to win money on this slot is to unlock the bonus round many times to get great prizes.


It is not difficult to see that the Blood Suckers Slot is designed to distribute a large number of prizes and a multitude of free spins so that players do not have to use their funds constantly. This differentiates it from other online slots that Spanish users have available.

The ability to play from any mobile device also offers players great freedom to play wherever they want. Everything will depend on the online casino where you play since it must be adapted to smaller mobile screens if you want to play Blood Suckers without any problem.

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