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Berry burst Max slot

The Berry Burst MAX Slot is a version of the Berry Burst slot machine, which gives a smaller number of prizes, but they are usually higher. This gives players a great chance to play and win a large amount of money in a single spin. Stay tuned for all the information about Berry Burst Max as it will help you to put tricks into practice in the game!

Game: Berry Burst MAX Developer: NetEnt Type: Slot Machine RTP: 96.23% Rollers: 5 rollers Pay lines: No Minimum bet: 0.01 coins Maximum bet: 100 coins Jackpot: 6.000 coins Free Spins: No Bonus round: Yes Multiplier: No


Berry Burst MAX Slot has great popularity among players as it is a great creation by NetEnt, one of the most popular game developers in the gaming world. It is a five-reel video slot that gives players very good experiences due to the great prizes it gives with the winning combinations.

You can find this slot machine in any online casino. Its popularity is due to the fact that online fruit slots are always very well received by players. Therefore, all the symbols are found in a kind of liquid that can be gaseous and they are all fruits such as cherries, lemon, grapes, picas or diamonds.

The Berry Burst Max Slot does not have pay lines, a resource increasingly used by NetEnt in its new releases. The prizes are achieved by managing to combine a minimum of 5 symbols. Therefore, the prizes will be higher the greater the number of symbols combined. Up to 15 symbols can be combined in the same round on this online casino slot machine, so the maximum jackpot can be very high. One of the peculiarities is that the panel of this game is simple by allowing you to regulate the bet money, use the automatic game or press the button to start the spin.

Free spins

As is usual with most online slots, players love to get free spins to play without investing their money and having the possibility of hitting great combinations without risking anything. The Berry Burst MAX Slot does not offer free spins to its players, but there is the alternative of being able to enjoy a respin, that is, to re-spin the free symbols.

Once Berry Burst MAX Slot players land a Wild symbol on any reel, it will spread to the entire row and a respin will occur to try to get a winning combination with the Wild icon, which makes it possible to win big prizes. You can get a maximum of five respins in a round, so there is a limit not to take advantage of that advantage too much.

Bonus rounds

Despite not having free spins for players, the Berry Burst MAX Slot offers all kinds of great prizes in the form of a bonus since players can multiply their investment in the online casino by 5.000, a prize that any player would love to get.

The RTP percentage of this slot machine is 96.23%, which indicates that the vast majority of players can win money on it or do not suffer a lot of losses in the beginning. Even so, we recommend that you be clear about the tricks or strategies that you are going to use to have a better chance of making money. In addition, this game is available on both computers and mobile devices for anyone to enjoy.


The Berry Burst MAX Slot does not provide free spins, but popularity in USA continues to grow due to the possibility of getting respins and great prizes with winning combinations with the Wild symbol.

NetEnt has wanted to eliminate the pay lines to offer players more autonomy when playing and trying to achieve a winning combination, using mainly the main fruit symbols that always award larger prizes. Players always enjoy this slot machine as it can change their lives in one spin.

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