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Red queen blackjack online

Red queen blackjack online

| At CasinoBillions we love to play blackjack and have always dreamed of becoming a true Las Vegas casino gambler. Fortunately, thanks to new technologies, we can fulfill our dream virtually without leaving home. And it is that in the best online casinos there are varieties of blackjack for all tastes. Today we will talk about one of them, the "Red Queen BlackJack"

Red Queen BlackJack is an online blackjack game developed by the British company 1 × 2 Gaming, a video game house best known for its famous virtual soccer games, but which also has a long history of developing slots and other casino games. on-line.

Blackjack Basic Manual

You don't have to be an expert online blackjack player to be able to enjoy Red Queen Blackjack, since, knowing the basic rules of this card game, you can embark on the adventure of making money by making plays that exceed those of the dealer. Another thing is that you do not know the rules of blackjack, so do not worry, at CasinoBillions we explain them in a simple way.

Blackjack is, a priori, a fairly easy to understand card game. At the beginning of the game, the croupier will give you two cards and from there, you must ask for new cards until you get a score equal to 21. If you go over that figure you will have lost. In the event that no player reaches the figure of 21, the player who has come closest to him will win.

The Red Queen

The time has come to play Red Queen Blackjack. The first thing that will attract our attention is its graphic environment, which replaces the traditional green mat with a red one, more in keeping with the name of the game. This online blackjack game is played with six decks of fifty-two cards, with no jokers.

This variant of online blackjack is similar to multi-hand blackjack, (which we have already discussed in another article), where instead of having the dealer and other players as adversaries, in Red Queen Blackjack you only play against the dealer.

The difference with multi-hand blackjack is that, while in this one you have five bets against the dealer, in Red Queen you have only three. You can place the coins of your bet in the three rectangles that you will see at the bottom of the screen.

So far the differences, because in the rest of the rules, both for card scoring and for special plays, Red Queen is exactly the same as the rest of the blackjack games that you can find in your usual online casino.

If you manage to make a score of 21 with only two cards, the ace and a black suit jack, (clubs or spades), you will have a "blackjack" beating the dealer. You can also have a 21 with an ace and another 10 scoring card, but then it would be a "natural" blackjack and you will have to wait to know if the dealer also has a 21.

If when you deal the first two cards you get two cards of the same value, you can play them separately, this is what is called "dividing". In this way, you will have a new bet within the same play. Remember that in Red Queen you have three simultaneous bets against the dealer and with this option, you could multiply by two all the bets made.

The dealer plays with different rules than yours. His first card will always be visible so you have an advantage over him when it comes to developing a winning strategy. In addition, the croupier has the obligation to stand if his score is 17.


"Red Queen Blackjack" is an online blackjack game developed by the English company 1 × 2 Gaming and in which, based on the rules of multi-hand blackjack, it offers you the possibility of playing three bets against the dealer, in such a way that they can make big winnings in one hand. It is ideal for those who want to get started in the exciting world of blackjack.

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