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East Sea Dragon King Slot

East Sea Dragon King Slot

NetEnt is one of the best-known slot providers on the market and every year, they release new titles that we can enjoy in our favorite online casino. With so many products it is logical that some of the themes tend to be repeated: ancient Egypt, the gods of Olympus or the mysterious and distant East, as is the case of East Sea Dragon King.

In this simple slot machine we will dive under the waters of the seas of China to find a lot of treasures: from oysters that keep pearls, to the chests that pirates left forgotten in a mistake. We are facing a very simple slot to play and with betting limits that can make us get good profits.

Being a game designed by one of the most recognized developers, it is relatively easy to find it in most regulated online casinos in USA. However, and as it has the possibility of playing games with high stakes, we will also find East Sea Dragon King in the catalog of more than one international casino.

Let's take a dip in this slot to see what we find at the bottom of the sea to the east of the island of Formosa.

Game features

East Sea Dragon King by NetEnt is a slot machine set under the sea and themed with the mysterious and far east. It has 5 reels and 3 vertical rows of symbols and no, don't look for their pay lines because you won't find them. East Sea Dragon King is what is called a "cluster" payout slot, much easier to play than other slots.

In this game we will have an underwater setting with symbols that give more or less prizes and a Wild symbol represented by the Dragon King that will help us to complete combinations and accumulate winnings.

To get winnings you must make a combination of five symbols together. If this combination of 5 symbols is in a single horizontally aligned row the prize will be much higher. With the symbol of the Dragon King or Wild you can complete combinations and get bigger prizes.

This slot has an RTP of 96.23%, somewhat low for what we are used to in this section, so be patient playing East Sea Dragon King because, once you start playing, there will be quite a few spins before the prizes start to appear.

How to play East Sea Dragon King

East Sea Dragon King is an online slot with 5 horizontal and 3 vertical reels. There are no paylines as the winnings are achieved through the different combinations of symbols. Payments can range from 10 coins to 10.000 coins if you manage to line up the 15 Wild or Jade statue symbols on all reels.

The adventure takes place in an underwater environment that simulates being the bottom of a China Sea. Among the bubbles we can distinguish the blurred logo of the game, as well as a few algae with a simple graphic. An enveloping oriental-style music will accompany us at all times and, I recognize that, despite the fact that the music is repetitive, it does not tire at any time.

To get winnings you must get five symbols to be aligned in any position of the fifteen that have the reels. The more horizontal the combination, the higher the gain.

We have a special symbol, the Wild symbol represented by the Dragon King and that will occupy three vertical squares. When it appears it will serve as a wild symbol and help you to form new combinations and obtain more profits.

At the bottom of the screen you will find the game menu where we can change the amount of the bet and select the automatic game mode so as not to have to be all the time clicking on each spin.

With a slot like this, the automatic play mode will help you not get bored waiting for the winning combinations to appear. And we emphasize this question because yes, in East Sea Dragon King the prize combinations can take a long time to come out. It is very likely that it will take a long time before you can collect a profit with your favorite payment method.

Award Lines and Symbols

In East Sea Dragon King the game symbols represent both marine elements and icons of Chinese culture. In this slot you can make winning combinations with the following elements:

- Yuan coins: which, depending on their value, will give us more or less prize. We can find symbols of the bronze, silver and gold yuan coins. 15 yuan gold award 1.000 coins.

- The treasures of the sea: there will be three and that, in order of importance in prizes, we have the oyster with the pearl, the treasure map and the treasure chest. 15 treasure maps together would give you a prize of 5.000 coins.

- The jade statue of the sea dragon, (a beautiful name, by the way) It is the figure, together with the Wild symbol, that awards the most prizes. 15 Jade Sea Dragon Statues equal 10.000 coins.

- The Wild symbol, which represents the Dragon King and will serve as a wild symbol. This symbol can be expanded occupying three vertical positions that will help you to make new combinations and free spins. 15 Dragon King symbols equal another 10.000 coins.

Minigames, bonuses and extras

Like other NetEnt slots, East Sea Dragon King does not have internal mini-games, but it does have free spins to multiply the winnings.

East Sea Dragon King Slot
Here are the winning spins:

- Cluster Pays: to obtain a profit we must collect 5 symbols of any kind. This aligned group can be in any position, (three vertical and two horizontal, for example) Once the combination is formed, we will receive our profit based on the combined symbol. The more symbols together, that is, from 5 to 15, the higher the win.

- Expanding Wild: when the Wild or Dragon King symbol appears, it will expand to occupy three vertical positions on the reel. This will make it become wild and help us align a group of symbols or make the group of aligned symbols larger and therefore have a bigger payout.

Each time the Wild symbol appears, in addition to forming a new combination with a prize, it will also give us a free spin. If, after the free spin, another Wild symbol reappears, another free spin will occur, increasing the chances of continuing to accumulate winnings considerably.

The combination that gives you the highest win will be the 15 Wild symbols or the 15 jade statues of the sea dragon occupying all the reels. In this case, 10 will be earned.000 coins.

Graphics, animations and sound

East Sea Dragon King's setting is pretty basic. The graphics represent the depths of the seas of China and the symbols are reminiscent of treasures from the sea as well as other oriental symbols, such as yuan coins. The graphics of the symbols of the game are original and, from the western point of view, with their point of exoticism. The music is the typical background music of a Chinese restaurant.

Like other NetEnt slots, the pace of East Sea Dragon King is slow, we are not facing a fast-paced game with constantly appearing graphic surprises. On the contrary, this slot is so relaxing that with a medium RTP it can make you feel a bit heavy before the top prizes start to appear. If you are one of those who do not like to wait, we recommend activating the automatic spin mode and letting the reels spin, only then will they accelerate you will be able to have quick games.

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