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Egyptian Heroes slot

Egyptian Heroes slot

Ancient Egypt has always fascinated us. The pyramids, Queen Cleopatra, the mummies in their sarcophagi, the mysterious hieroglyphs This is why most online slot developers have the Empire of the Nile as one of the recurring themes in their games.

This time we are going to review Egyptian Heroes, an online slot with five reels and three rows, developed by one of the most important casino game creation companies in the market, Net Entertainment or, as it is known in the world, simply, NetEnt.

In this slot, a user will be able to find all the elements to enjoy a gaming experience that takes them back to the time of the pharaohs and, why not, get good winnings thanks to its twenty pay lines and the possibility of obtaining free spins in special combinations.

Like almost all NetEnt games, Egyptian Heroes, it is available on several of the online casino sites licensed by the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling in USA. You just have to search for the title in your favorite operator and start enjoying the game.

Game features

Egyptian Heroes is a slot machine set in ancient Egypt that uses all the typical symbols of the time, with its pharaohs and gods. It has 5 reels and 3 vertical rows and, as in many classic slots, it also has pay lines, in this case, no less than 20.

In this game we will travel to the shore of the Nile in a desert environment and a symbology that, depending on its value, will provide us with more or less profits if we are lucky with our combinations. The symbol of the pharaoh's funerary mask will serve as a scatter and, of course, is the most important figure in this slot.

If we want to make a profit, we just have to be lucky by lining up at least 3 ordinary symbols or 2 special symbols, if this combination of symbols is entirely horizontal the prize will be much higher.

The pyramid symbol will serve as a wild card and is identified with the word WILD, with it we can substitute any symbol to complete a winning combination. Remember that the highest winnings will occur when the Scatter symbol comes into play.

This slot has an RTP of 96.72%, it is not to shoot rockets, but if you are patient, the prizes will start to appear once you have been playing for a long time. Activate auto-play mode if you don't want to keep your tabs waiting.

How to play Egyptian Heroes

Egyptian Heroes is an online slot with 5 horizontal and 3 vertical reels. It has 20 pay lines whose increase will depend on two factors: the amount wagered and the so-called “golden line”, (which we will talk about later) Payments can range from 2 to 100.000 coins in the highest prize, when all 5 scatter symbols are lined up.

The game takes place in the Egypt of the pharaohs on a wooden board and where, (of course), sandy colors predominate. At the top of the screen we will have the logo of the game and next to it, on the right, a sign that informs us of the play and the prize for which we are playing. The music, of course, has an exotic touch that takes us to the meanders of the Nile.

Remember that to get winnings you must align two or three horizontal symbols or achieve a golden line or "Golden line", this line changes in each game and consists of a combination of horizontal symbols in zigzag, that is to say: the first symbol on the reel of the the middle, the second one reel higher, (or lower), the third again in the middle, the fourth one reel higher, (or lower), and the last and fifth symbol of the combination again in the middle. This "golden line" will not always be the same and will multiply your winnings up to 20, depending on the amount wagered.

We have two special symbols, the pyramid or Wild and the funerary mask or Scatter. The first one will serve as a wild card to complete winning combinations, while the second, (and more importantly), in addition to performing the wild card functions, also makes us get free spins.

If the five Scatter symbols appear horizontally aligned, be careful not to get nervous, because you will have won 100.000 coins. You just have to go to your favorite payment method and remember us to invite us to something with your new fortune.

At the bottom of the screen we will find the game menu to change the amount of the bet and select the automatic game mode, something highly recommended if you do not want to spend all the time beating your mouse.

We sincerely recommend that you bet the amount you want and activate the automatic play mode, and that is that Egyptian Heroes is a slot with an average RTP of 96.72% so the prizes will take a while to come out.

Award Lines and Symbols

In NetEnt's Egyptian Heroes the symbols of the game represent gods of Egyptian mythology, most of which are invented, but not to please the Egyptologists we are going to disdain a good graphic environment and, above all, simple.

- The letters of the French deck: as in many other slot machines 10, J, Q, K and A. The minor symbol is 10. A combination of three 10s together earns you the minimum game prize of 2 coins.

- The gods of ancient Egypt: Here we have a kind of figures that recall different Egyptian gods and, in order of importance, they are:

- The cat goddess: this one did exist, and her name was Bastet. 2 Bastet symbols lined up award 6 coins, 5 symbols award 2000 coins.

- The falcon god: another that also existed and was called Horus. 2 aligned Horus symbols award 8 coins, 5 symbols award 4000 coins.

- The pyramid symbol that is marked as Wild and that will serve as a wild card to achieve horizontal winning combinations or new "golden lines"

- The symbol of the funeral mask indicated as Scatter that will serve as a wild symbol, gives us free spins and, in addition, produces the highest combination with 100.000 prize coins.

Minigames, bonuses and extras

This is a slot without internal games, but with a very complete scoring system and free spins. Let's take a look at the winning spins for Egyptian Heroes:

- The Wild symbol: The pyramid or Wild symbol will be our wild symbol. Each time the pyramid appears, this symbol will expand occupying an entire vertical row. Thanks to this expansion, we will be able to use our wild symbol to complete winning combinations on all reels.

- Free spins with the Scatter symbol: When the symbol of the pharaoh's funeral mask or Scatter appears we will get free spins. And, attention, if 3 Scatter symbols appear we will get 10 free spins. Yes, 4 Scatters appear 15 spins and, if all 5 appear, we will have 20 free spins. These spins are cumulative and remember that 5 horizontal Scatters give you the maximum jackpot of the slot.

- The golden line: before we talked about the “golden line”, (in English Golden Line), it is a special combination that makes us obtain more profits with our spread. Before each spin, the slot will signal a different zigzag line and a multiplier that can go from 2 to 5. If you can match your combination of symbols to the "golden line", you will double or quintuple your win depending on how much you have bet. Take a good look before starting each game, because the golden line changes, both in shape and multiplier.

Graphics, animations and sound

We are facing a fairly simple slot so do not expect a very elaborate setting. The graphics represent a board that holds a papyrus and where the gods of Ancient Egypt will appear. A sandy tone predominates all the time, reminding us of the desert, like the music, which with arabesques invites us to sail from Abu Simbel to Alexandria.

Like other NetEnt slots it has a somewhat slow pace and, as it does not have internal games, it makes playing Egyptian Heroes not original for the user at first. However, the best thing about this slot is its feature of plays with "Golden Lines", so that, in each spin, you know that the combination of symbols you are looking for keeps changing.

Egyptian Heroes does not have a high RTP, so prizes will take time to start coming out. Activate the automatic mode and make the spins 10 by 10 if you want the winnings to appear as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

In principle yes, and we say in principle because it seems that some regulated casinos have this title on offer, but inactive. NetEnt may be doing a software update as of this writing.

Are there different game limits?

The minimum is € 0.1 per chip and the maximum is € 200. In the case of playing with the highest amount, make sure that your online casino allows you to place bets of this magnitude.

How to win money on Egyptian Heroes slot?

Look carefully before each spin which is the golden line and by what number multiplies the winnings. Remember also that the free spins that the appearance of the Scatter symbol gives you are cumulative, they can come out many times in a row.

Can it be played on mobile devices?

Like all NetEnt games, Egyptian Heroes can be played without any problem from a mobile device using the Android or Ios system. In any case, check that your favorite online casino has a specific app to play from wherever you want. If not, you can always play this slot from any internet browser.

Is it safe to play Egyptian Heroes slot?

Egyptian Heroes is a game developed by one of the most reputable providers on the market, so playing this slot is completely safe. But, if you are not playing this slot from a licensed casino in USA, we advise you to consult the list of safe and reliable international casinos that you can find on our Casino Billions USA website.

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