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Fruit shop slot machine

Fruit shop slot machine

It is atypical because it is an online slot that is not thematic, as are most of the slot machines that online casinos are accustomed to. But at the same time, "Fruit Shop" is a typical slot machine because its symbols are fruits, like those of the classic slot machines that we saw in bars decades ago and that caught our attention. So this slot is a small greengrocer in your online casino. For us, the fruit is not only good for our health, but also to win delicious prizes. If you want to know a little more about this fun vegan slot, keep reading.

Five pieces of fruit a day

"Fruit Shop" is a five-reel online slot machine, thus complying with the medical prescription that five pieces of fruit a day are good for the body. In this case, the combination of these fruits can make us win great prizes with small bets, ideal for any player who likes to enjoy online slots.

It is developed by one of the best online casino game creation companies such as NetEnt. This European company based in Sweden has won multiple awards for its work and has work licenses in three different countries of the European Union and is even listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Playing with fruit

As we said, "Fruit Shop" is a five reel online slot that has fifteen pay lines. The theme is really simple, fruits that are combined to give us prizes. In fact, this circumstance is a distancing element, since we are used to online slots having complex symbols. It is not the case.

Another characteristic of this online slot machine and that differentiates it from the rest of the slot games, (for worse), is its absence of sound, an element that has drawn our attention powerfully at the time of writing this report.

In this online slot, the symbols of the lemon, cherries, orange, plum and melon appear to combine. Plus numbers and letters to increase combination and prize odds.

In addition to the letters and numbers there is another differentiated symbol, and this is a very special symbol, it is the game logo. This symbol will serve as a wild symbol and substitute for any other symbol in the event that we need it to achieve a winning combination. In addition, if the reel line is made up of five “Fruit Shop” logos, it will double our prize.

Wait what bonuses?

And it is that in addition to having the absence of sounds, this online slot is characterized by not having any bonus round. What does this mean? Well, whatever combinations you do, none of them allows you to access an internal game with new multipliers. Your luck in "Fruit Shop" is limited to the strict combinations of fruits that result after a spin.

That does not mean that this online slot does not have good prizes or that it has some other trick, so, next, we are going to look at what bonuses and multipliers we have.

The first thing we should know is that this online slot allows us to choose the bet we make before playing it. Obviously the higher the bet, the bigger the possible prize. Each of the fifteen pay lines is a different bet.

The prizes are based on the fruits appearing consecutively on the reel lines. The lowest prize occurs when three symbols are aligned in a row and the highest when five fruits are aligned.


"Fruit Shop" is an online slot machine from the Swedish game developer NetEnt that is reminiscent of the basic slot machines we saw as children in bars. It is a simple game without complicated bonus rounds. However, it is a very successful slot game. This is probably because it has a vintage look and that, some players, too many graphics and hidden rounds, end up cloying them when playing.

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