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French roulette

French roulette

Whether you are a fan of online roulette games or if it is the first time that you approach the exciting world of the ball bouncing off the cylinder, “French Roulette”, from the Swedish developer NetEnt is a classic online casino game that complies with you grow its function, and that is none other than to make us have a fun time while we get important profits.

French or European?

If you know the rules of European roulette you will have no problem playing this French roulette, more than anything, because the "French" in its name has to do with a simple aesthetic issue and not a derivation of game rules.

The game of roulette is well known to all: bet on which box with a number the ball will land on and win the money. You can make simple bets, such as the number or color, and more complex bets, such as the famous outside and neighborhood bets, but the game itself is very simple.

The only difference you will find between a European roulette game and an American roulette game is the number 0. While the European roulette has only one square 0, (marked in green), the American roulette has two squares, the one with 0 and a second with double 00.

On the other hand, in what differs a European roulette and this NetEnt “French Roulette”, is that the words that appear written in the racetrack are in French and in that the color of the interface of the mat, instead of being green as it is usual, it's gray.

Playing French Roulette by netent

The first thing that we are going to find as soon as we start to play in this French Roulette is a very careful interface that will be very familiar to us. And it is that this online casino game has a graphical environment very similar to that of other NetEnt roulettes, such as the "European Roulette".

What does attract attention are the choice of colors (gray mat instead of green mat), and the chill-out music that accompanies the game, (which at first is quite pleasant, but when you have been playing for a while it is a little pounding, everything has to be said)

In the upper half of the screen we will find the cylinder with 37 numbers, colored red or black, and a square 0, colored green. In the lower half of the screen will be the racetrack to place bets, and that, on this occasion and to distinguish French Roulette from other types of roulette, the words "odd", "passes" etc. will be written in French.

Let's stop now at the bottom of the screen. Below the racetrack we will find the necessary commands to play French Roulette, with the button that launches the ball in the lower right part, the betting options in the lower central part and the buttons that will display the statistics of the game, in the bottom left.

It only remains to point out that in the upper right corner of the screen we will find a statistical menu with the "hot" numbers, (those that have appeared the most times throughout the game), and the "cold" numbers, (those that have less times they have been winners) With this information a player can develop their own strategies in order to win large sums of money.

Have fun also without gambling

The bets that are allowed in the French Roulette game range from € 1 on the lowest bet, to € 500 on the highest bet. Of course, remember that an online casino can prevent you from betting high amounts depending on the category you have as a user.

French Roulette also has a demo version so you can play for free without risking money and thus familiarize yourself with the game and its tricks before daring to bet with real money.

Finally, French Roulette is an online roulette with the usual guarantee and quality of the Swedish game developer NetEnt and, therefore, it is present in the vast majority of safe and reliable online casinos licensed to operate in USA.

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