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Casinos with telephone bill

Casinos with telephone bill

Safer, faster and easier. This is a deposit in casinos with a telephone bill. We are talking about a recently created payment method that makes online payment more practical for players who enjoy online casinos from their Smartphone or mobile device.

Casinos with a telephone bill are not yet established in USA. Pay by phone bill is a service only available to buy content and download mobile applications. However, given its success, telephone operators are evaluating that it can be used as a payment method for online casinos.

What are and how do phone bill casinos work?

Casinos with a phone bill are online casinos that allow you to make a deposit charged to your phone bill. This payment method is also called by other names: "payment by invoice", "pay by operator invoice" or "pay by telephone invoice". You do not have to provide your personal information or your card, much less your bank details. The one who makes the deposit is your operator on your behalf with your authorization.

In USA, payment by invoice is only available in Movistar, Vodafone and Orange and only to download music, content and mobile applications in markets such as Facebook, Google Play, App Store, PlayStation, etc.

To pay by phone bill you need to enable the service in your operator. Once activated, its operation is simple. You choose the product you want to buy, then you select the option "Payment by Operator" and confirm the payment by means of a code that you receive by email or SMS. Payment is immediate and the charge for your purchase will appear on your monthly mobile bill.

In the markets where casinos with a telephone bill are established, the operation to make a deposit and withdrawal are practically identical. The only difference is that you have to enter the amount you want to deposit to play or, where appropriate, withdraw.

Advantages of casinos with a telephone bill

Fortunately, in USA there are other payment methods to play online casino from mobile where security, immediacy and comfort are guaranteed. We refer to Skrill, Neteller and Bitcoin, but above all to casinos with PayPal and casinos with PaysafeCard, two of the most popular and trusted payment methods in USA.

Why are there no casinos with a telephone bill in USA

Casinos with a telephone bill are only established in some markets, mainly in Latin America. And the reason is very simple. The option to pay by phone bill was created to respond to users who are reluctant to enter their bank details on a Smartphone, a problem that has been solved for years in USA and other markets with other equally secure and anonymous payment systems such as PayPal and PaysafeCard. Not so in Latin America.

To overcome the mistrust that arouses entering personal data on mobile phones, casinos with a telephone bill can become a serious rival of the most popular online casino payment methods of the moment for their comfort and security. Because in reality, the one who makes the deposit is not you but your operator with your authorization, and that gives a lot of security.

Frequent questions

Absolutely. You do not have to enter your financial details, the operator takes care of that on your behalf. Plus it's free.

Who can use the casinos with a telephone bill?

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