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Dracula slot machine

Dracula is one of the universal icons of horror literature and cinema.

Dracula slot machine
Since Bram Stoker wrote the novel about the prince of vampires at the end of the s. XIX until today, the character of Count Dracula and, by extension, the rest of the vampires, are a popular icon.

That such a well-known and, above all, royalty-free character had his own online slot machine was a matter of time and, in that sense, the Swedish-born developer company NetEnt, has managed to find a combination that, you may like more or less , but satisfies the tastes of the vampire fandom.

In this NetEnt slot we are going to try to save the eternal love of the lady Mina Harker and the evil Count Dracula in late 19th century Victorian England. XIX and, incidentally, take some winnings to our boat.

Game features

NetEnt's Dracula is a themed 5-reel, 40-payline video slot with graphics that take us back to Victorian England. This is a classic slot machine game, with its wild symbols and scatters for free rounds and spins.

Here we have to make a warning because if, more than a fan of the saga, you are an expert player, you must bear in mind that NetEnt's Dracula is not a slot that offers great prizes. It does not have a progressive jackpot and, also, it does not allow you to make more than ten free spins per bonus round. If, in addition, we tell you that your RTP is not very high, but more or less medium, Dracula may not be your slot.

On the other hand, if you are a horror fan and you like vampire slots, NetEnt's Dracula is a good fun option, since it combines all the excitement of a horror classic with simple gameplay and some surprises.

How to play Dracula

As we said, Dracula from NetEnt is an online slot that consists of 5 horizontal reels by 4 vertical reels. It has 40 pay lines and a non-progressive jackpot of 80.000 coins. If anything, the good news is that this slot makes up for its lack of a non-progressive jackpot with a high prize.

In the central part, angled to the right, we have the game panel with the reels, while, on the left, Count Dracula himself is sitting looking at us menacingly and roaring every time we make a win.

The game features wild symbols, represented by the bloody letter W, and scatter symbols, consisting of two double symbols, one with Count Dracula and one with Mina Harker. Both will be used to access the free spins and bonus rounds.

Playing NetEnt's Dracula is easy. Just spin the reels to get winning symbol combinations.

Award Lines and Symbols

NetEnt's Dracula is a vampire-themed online slot machine set in late-19th century England.XIX, so its symbols will refer to characters from the novel by Bram Stoker or to stereotypes of the time. In this slot, therefore, we will find the following symbols to play:

- Victorian characters represented by three symbols: the wealthy lady, the tavern patron and the young rogue.

- The protagonists: Count Dracula and Mina Harker, who can appear in a simple way, where we only see their faces or, in a double way, in which we see them full-length occupying two vertical squares. In the latter case, when both characters appear in double form, they will become the scatter or scatter symbol to get new wins

Minigames, bonuses and extras

This NetEnt slot does not have internal mini-games, but it does have bonus rounds and free spins that can multiply your bet by 20 in a perfect game.

Every so often, Dracula, who watches us from the left side of the screen and roars at us showing his sharp vampire teeth, will turn into a flock of bats.

Dracula slot machine
These bats will fly through the reels changing some symbols and making the symbol of the bloody W or wild symbol appear many times. These wilds can lead to a winning combination or if the wild appears on reel number 3, new free spins will be won.

The other combination that can make us get big wins is when the vertical double symbols of Dracula or Mina Harker appear, the so-called scatters or scatter symbols. Once one of the double symbols appears, free rounds will be triggered. And if the two double symbols appear together, up to 10 free rounds can be achieved.

Graphics, animations and sound

The setting of Dracula on NetEnt is dark, how could it be otherwise in a slot machine starring a vampire, and takes us to England at the end of the s.XIX when Dracula came to London to quench his thirst for blood. However, the graphics, rather than reminiscent of classic vampire movies, are more reminiscent of the idea of ​​vampire that the Millennial generation may have and that is reflected in television series such as "True Blood" or the "Twilight" saga. "

On this occasion, Count Dracula does not wear a cape to hide his teeth and protect himself from the sun or the symbol of the cross, but this Dracula wears a tight gray shirt, sleeveless and showing muscles, showing that, despite not being reflected in a mirror, could be perfectly a TikTok influencer, (only missing tattoos)

The rest of the characters, both that of Mina Harker and that of the inhabitants of London, correspond to the classic stereotypes that we have seen in a lot of films set at the time.

The sound is enveloping and is able to take you into the atmosphere of the dark, foggy streets of the London borough of Whitchapel and only illuminated by the dim light of the gas street lamps.

If you play this slot for the first time you will discover that every time you get a susceptible score to get free spins or bonuses, the figure of Dracula, on the left of your screen, will roar at you showing his vampire teeth. The first time, it scares.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, in any online casino that has games from the provider NetEnt. At Casino Billions USA we have a list with them.

Are there different game limits?

The minimum starting limit is € 0.01 or € 0.02 per chip, depending on the online casino. There is also a maximum game limit that goes from € 10 to € 50 also depending on the operator you are playing on.

How to win money on Dracula slot machine?

Be careful to activate the rounds and free spins once the winning symbols have appeared, (the bloody W or the double symbols of Count Dracula and Mina Harker), you can activate these rounds in the lower panel that appears on the screen. Look for them in the lower right.

Can it be played on mobile devices?

Of course, all NetEnt games are optimized to be played on an Android mobile device or IOs. The only thing, make sure that your favorite online casino has a specific app to be played from your tablet or smartphone.

Is it safe to play the Dracula slot?

Yes of course. NetEnt is one of the most recognized online casino game providers and boasts of always launching products without security flaws. However, to be completely sure that you do not have any unpleasant experience, play this online slot machine from a casino that is regulated in Spanish territory or a safe and reliable international casino that appears on our list of Casino Billions USA.

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