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Casinos with Neteller 2021

Casinos with Neteller 2021

| Neteller is an electronic wallet that allows you to fund your casino account instantly in a simple, fast and secure way. It is one of the most popular forms of payment online and one that enjoys a special preference among users of online casinos.

Casinos that accept Neteller

The first step is to open an account on your website. After the registration process you will receive an Account ID made up of 12 digits to identify your account; and a Secure ID consisting of 6 digits that you should only use in certain transactions.

Add balance to your Neteller account - You can do it by credit or debit card, bank transfer, or even with another electronic payment method. Depending on the method you choose, Neteller will charge you a commission between 1.9% and 7% except in bank transfers that are free. Finally, it is recommended that you verify your identity to avoid limitations in your transactions.

Deposit at the casino - With your Neteller account loaded, you can now make a deposit at the casino cashier. Choose Neteller as the deposit method and the amount to deposit. Follow the instructions and in a few moments your game account will appear with a balance to play.

Limits - In our casinos, the minimum deposit with Neteller is usually € 10, and the daily maximum is set at € 600 as required by Spanish gaming regulations. None of the casinos recommended by USA charges a commission for making a deposit.

Advantages of using neteller

Withdrawal of funds from the casino - Most casinos will require that you have made a successful deposit with Neteller in order to transfer your winnings to them. Betfair and Sportium also require the sending of a copy of the DNI / Passport and a screenshot that shows the ownership of your Neteller account. Withdrawal of earnings is free of charge.

Limits - The minimum withdrawal is common to all casinos: € 10 (€ 4 at 888 Casino). The maximum varies quite a bit. In Sportium, for example, the withdrawal limit is set at 5.€ 000 per transaction. Once approved, transfer times vary widely: 24 hours at Sportium and Botemanía, 2 - 3 days at 888 Casino, 4 days at Bwin, and up to 5 days at Unique Casino.

Frequent questions

Neteller is fundamentally a digital wallet to send money and make secure payments on the internet. It also offers other online payment solutions such as its physical and virtual Net + prepaid card.

Is it safe to pay with Neteller?

Yes. When paying or depositing with Neteller, an encrypted and maximum security payment gateway is deployed between your account and the casino that protects your personal and financial data. In fact, Neteller is safer than paying with a credit card.

What fees does Neteller charge for depositing or withdrawing money at a casino?

Neteller does not charge you any commission for depositing in a casino or for collecting your winnings. It only charges you for adding balance to your wallet and if you transfer money from Neteller to your bank or another payment platform.

How do I add balance to a Neteller account?

Yes, and also very popular. Neteller is one of the digital wallets with the largest presence in online casinos with a DGOJ license and in international casinos operating in USA.

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