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Casinos with Cashlib

Casinos with Cashlib

| When it comes to talking about payment methods to operate in an online casino, electronic wallets are a great option for all those who do not like to give too much data to third parties. In this sense, Cashlib is a great option if what you are looking for is privacy for your transactions.

Cashlib is an electronic wallet to recharge and pay. With the Cashlib Payment System, as long as you have a balance, you can make secure deposits in an online casino.

Aware of the convenience and advantages when operating with electronic wallets and prepaid cards, many international online operators accept Cashlib as a deposit method. In addition, it is also common to see the Cashlib logo among the different entry options offered by casinos that have a license in USA.

What is Cashlib and how does it work

Cashlib is an e-wallet governed under the UK tax authority but owned by EmpCorp, a Luxembourg-based e-commerce solutions company.

Trading with Cashlib is quite simple, although it is necessary to know a couple of details before opening an account. Just top up your balance and use it as a deposit method at your favorite online casino by following these simple steps:

The first of all will be to create an account in Cashlib. In other European countries, such as France, there are physical stores where to do it but, for the moment, there is no such possibility in USA.

To open an account in Cashlib you must enter its two online providers authorized for the Spanish territory: Dundle and Becharge.

Which is better? It depends. Personally, it has been easier for me to open my Cashlib account at Becharge, however, the minimum deposit at Dundle is cheaper.

On the main page of both Becharge and Dundle you will already see the option to open an account in Cashlib with a minimum deposit. The minimum deposit in Cashlib through Dundle will be € 5 and in Becharge, the minimum deposit to open your account in Cashlib will be € 10

It is very important to bear in mind that the maximum balance that you can have in total in your Cashlib wallet is € 250.This is an advantage for users who like to play without risking a lot of money and, also, knowing how far their money goes. limits.

Once you have loaded your balance with just one click, you can go to any casino that authorizes this payment method and deposit your Cashlib balance to make deposits. In this way, you will not need to use your credit card again.

So far we have talked at all times about making your deposits through Cashlib and this is because, (and it is very important to remember this), online casinos do not allow you to use Cashlib as a method of withdrawing money. That is, you can deposit with Cashlib, but the earnings must be withdrawn in your bank account or in another payment method that you use.

Advantages of Cashlib

- You will not need to provide your credit or debit card details in your online casino. - It has a maximum balance of € 250 so you will always maintain a control limit. - The verification process to obtain a Cashlib account takes little time, you just have to enter your personal information.

5 reasons to play in casinos with Cashlib

- It is a deposit method accepted in most online casinos, both regulated in USA and with an international license.

Disadvantages of Cashlib

- You cannot open or recharge your Cashlib wallet in a physical store in USA. You can only do it through authorized online intermediaries.

- It is not an attractive method for expert players, since the balance limit is quite low. In this way, if you are an expert player and want to access special offers in your online casino, it is very possible that the maximum balance of Cashlib is low.

- It does not serve as a method of withdrawal of money. To collect your winnings in an online casino you must provide a bank account or a different method.

How to deposit and withdraw at casinos with Cashlib

Access the main page of your favorite online casino and, once registered with your username, follow these simple steps:

How to withdraw at an online casino

Remember that Cashlib serves as a deposit method but not as a payment method. If you want to withdraw your earnings you must do it through another method. Check with your trusted online casino what withdrawal methods are available.

Other deposit methods

If what you are looking for is not having to give your credit or debit card to an online casino to make deposits, but you are also looking to control your limit and do not want to use Cashlib, there are other methods that are just as effective.

Frequent questions

It belongs to a company based in a country of the European Economic Community and is also regulated by the monetary authority of the United Kingdom. It is a very secure payment method.

What are the deposit limits?

The minimum deposit in Cashlib is € 5 through its authorized platform in USA Dundle and € 10 through Becharge. The maximum limit will always be € 250

Is it available in many online casinos or in a few?

It is one of the most accepted deposit methods by the majority of safe and reliable online casinos both nationally and internationally.

Can I withdraw money with Cashlib?

Unless you travel to France, Germany or the United Kingdom, no. From USA you can only recharge your Cashlib balance online and through the associated platforms Dundle and Becharge.

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