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Casinos with Paypal in USA

Casinos with Paypal in USA

Casinos with PayPal offer you the fastest, easiest and safest way to make a deposit and collect your winnings. So clear! PayPal is the online payment method that has proven to inspire more confidence among players and to be key in the proliferation of reliable online casinos in USA.

Best casinos that accept PayPal in USA

Although PayPal has been operating in USA since 2005, its business model was incompatible with certain activities such as gambling. Casinos with PayPal only began to appear in USA shortly after the regulation of online gambling in 2011, and only in those licensed by the DGOJ.

In this article we do a comparative analysis of the casinos with PayPal that operate in USA. How to deposit and withdraw money in them, and the fees that apply

What you should know when playing in a PayPal casino

In order to include PayPal as an accepted payment method, PayPal requires operators to be licensed by the DGOJ and comply with its demanding security and protection standards. Thus, the most benefited are you because you enjoy a double level of security: the one imposed by law and the one PayPal wants.

The PayPal payment model is designed in such a way that, when making an online transaction, your financial information is never shared. Every time you make a deposit or withdrawal in a casino with PayPal, your anonymity is guaranteed and your most sensitive personal data protected.

The minimum and maximum amount that you can deposit in PayPal online casinos varies from one to another. In most, the minimum amount using PayPal is usually ‚ā¨ 10. The maximum amount (per day, week and month) is fixed by law, but you can change it in the PayPal online casino of your choice.

The immediacy of transactions is another characteristic of a PayPal casino. Deposits at PayPal casinos are effective almost immediately. As for withdrawals, according to the PayPal casino you can have your winnings super fast: instantly or in just 4-6 hours at most.

Not all casinos operating in USA are casinos with PayPal. There are two reasons that explain it. One, because they do not meet the security and user protection levels required by PayPal. And two, because it has not managed to close a commercial agreement to become a PayPal online casino.

Who can open a PayPal account in USA

To open a PayPal account in USA, it is enough to be over 18 years of age and accept its Acceptable Use Policy. It goes without saying that only Spanish citizens or legal residents in USA can open an account. With these requirements satisfied and those of opening a personal account, you just have to add a balance to your PayPal wallet and make a deposit at any PayPal casino to enjoy its online slots, online roulette, live casino, etc.

 Advantages of using PayPal in online casinos

At CasinoBillions we analyze in detail all the PayPal USA casinos that we recommend, and the analysis of the payment methods is one of the most rigorous. What's more, our reviews always show the fees, waiting times and limits of the payment methods offered by each casino. The presence of a PayPal casino in our list of recommended casinos already says a lot in its favor, but there are other important aspects that we also analyze and that contribute to include other online casinos USA in our list of favorites:

How to open a PayPal account

With your account created, choose the option 'Buy with PayPal' and follow the instructions to link your bank account and add a balance to your account in order to play in PayPal USA casinos.

What alternatives to PayPal are there?

PayPal is not the exclusive payment system for casinos with PayPal. The market is very competitive and you can find other methods that are just as comfortable and safe. Some are e-wallets similar to PayPal and others follow a totally different model.

Frequently asked questions about Paypal casinos

Totally. PayPal only supports your presence as a payment method in casinos licensed by the DGOJ. In fact, for players, a PayPal online casino is synonymous with a reliable and safe casino.

Do PayPal casinos charge a fee for using this method??

No. No PayPal USA casino charges fees for entering or withdrawing money using this payment system, as long as the player uses a PayPal account opened in USA.

Casinos with Paypal in USA

Can I get a bonus for depositing at a PayPal online casino?

Yes. PayPal is one of the preferred payment methods for Spanish players due to its simplicity and the confidence it inspires. That is why some PayPal USA casinos encourage its use by giving away bonuses of 10% or 15%.

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