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Disco Danny Slot

The Disco Danny slot by NetEnt is a unique online slot with 3 reels, 3 rows and 5 pay lines. Themed with the disco music of the 70s and "starred" by the dancing Danny that gives the game its name, this slot comes with a sophisticated round of free spins full of multipliers. Despite its apparent simplicity, this slot is capable of injecting you with its disco music an energy and movement that other online slots would like to have.

How to Play Disco Danny Slot

By simply adjusting a couple of buttons on the Disco Danny slot machine, you'll be in a position to jump onto your dance floor and start playing to the beat of the best disco sound.

The volatility of this online slot is medium-high with an RTP ranging between 96.04% and 96.93% and that rewards with a frequency of 14%. That is, it is an online slot that thanks to its high volatility is capable of rewarding you quite often.

Award Lines and Symbols

The symbols of the Disco Danny slot machine are five and they reward you if they appear 3 times forming any of the 5 pay lines of the game:

Minigames, bonuses and extras

Although the Disco Danny slot machine looks like nothing from the outside, it hides a bonus round that many would call sophisticated. Let's see how it works:

This is truly a round of free spins but loaded with lucrative multipliers. Triggered if 3 Silver Scatters or 1 Golden Scatter and 2 Silver Scatters appear. Free spins have 5 levels with a different multiplier for each level: x1, x2, x3, x5 and x10. In these spins, only Golden Scatters can appear, each assigned a random multiplier between x1 and x50. To pass the level, just fill the screen with 9 Golden Scatters.

Graphics, animations and sound

The Disco Danny slot machine is a very clear nod to the character of Toni Manero played by J. Travolta in the film Saturday Night Fever. And the best proof is the character of Danny, the skates and the mirror balls. The slot is very well acclimated with the aesthetics of the seventies nightclubs. When you activate the free spins round the colors change: the background changes from purple to red with the typical animations of the time. And what about the music? A tribute to the golden age of disco that marked an entire generation.

Frequently asked questions

You can play this slot online at casinos like, PAF, Codere, Casino777, Luckia and PlayUZU among many others.

Are there different bet limits?

If you are lucky enough to get 3 Silver Scatters or 1 Golden Scatter + 2 Silver Scatters, you will have managed to activate the lucrative round of free spins of the Disco Danny slot.

Can it be played on mobile devices?

The answer is yes. Both the Disco Danny slot and the rest of the NetEnt slots are optimized to be enjoyed on all types of mobile devices.

Is it safe to play Disco Danny slot?

To 100%. The NetEnt RNG is duly certified and is also authorized by the DGOJ for guaranteeing the safe gambling required by the Spanish Gaming Law.

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