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Guns n 'roses slot machine

Guns n 'roses slot machine

Hard rock lovers in general and those of us who lived as teenagers those years of electric guitar long before the party invaded everything, we are in luck. In this CasinoBillions article we are going to talk about one of the most curious slot games that we can find in an online casino, the online slot that pays tribute to Guns n 'Roses.

If you don't know who Guns n 'Roses were because you were born the day before yesterday or you come from another planet, I'll tell you that it is a Californian rock band that between the 80s and the 90s sold more than 100 million records around the world. His greatest hits were: “Welcome to the jungle”, “November rain”, “Sweet Child o’mine”, “Paradise city” or “Chinese democracy”. If you haven't heard them, don't worry, because they make up the soundtrack of this online slot machine.

Welcome to the Jungle

"Guns n 'Roses" is a fascinating online slot for two reasons. The first is that its iconography and graphic environment refers to the famous Californian band. The second is that this online slot has a soundtrack that includes the most famous songs of the musical group.

The Swedish online casino video game development company NetEnt is responsible for creating this magnificent game packed with internal games, bonus rounds and hundreds of multipliers. One of their best online casino games to date.

Gambling paradise

As in the song “Paradise city”, included in the soundtrack of this online slot, we welcome you to a slot game with five reels and twenty pay lines, (which makes the amount of prize available huge, which means the first pleasant surprise we come across)

The symbols with which the combinations will be made on the reels include the letters imitating the typography of the group's logo and the faces of the main members of the band, Axl Rose and Slash, (no sign of the bassist Izzy Stradlin or the drummer Steven Adler, poor)

With these symbols you can start spinning this fabulous slot machine and trust that luck will bring you one of the hundreds of possible prizes. Because here is the main feature of this online slot, which has many prizes and bonus rounds.

Bonds fatter than axl rose

If "Guns n 'Roses" is characterized by one thing, it is by having many different bonus rounds. We are going to reel them one by one so that you get an idea of ​​how big they are.


"Guns n 'Roses" is an online slot machine developed by NetEnt that pays tribute to the famous American rock band. It is a somewhat complex online slot for the amount of bonus rounds it has, but it will delight fans of the band and those who like the slot machines that give many prizes in their online casino.

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