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Zeus slot machine

|| Western civilization was founded in Greece back in the s.He.c. and thanks to her we have democracy, philosophy and, why not say it, the game. And we say this by the large number of slot games that exist inspired by classical Greece, its aesthetics, history and mythologies.

This slot that you can enjoy in your favorite online casino has a graphic environment that takes us to the Greece of the gods. In this online slot you can win great prizes and take home a loot so loaded with coins that it will seem like the horn of plenty and, therefore, at CasinoBillions we are going to reveal everything you need to know so as not to end up like Icarus, crashed.

The watchful eye of the gods

"Zeus" has an attractive graphic environment that takes us to the architecture of classical Greece dominated by the radiant blue of the Aegean sky. Its symbology and appearance have nothing to envy to other online slots of the same theme, which makes the player is trapped from the first moment by the appearance of this game.

This graphical environment is a creation of the online casino games developer WMS Gaming. This North American company based in Chicago is one of the main distributors of online games, arcade machines and lottery in the United States.

Wrath of the Titans

This is a five-reel, twenty-five payline online slot machine, so the possibilities of different bets are very high. The recognizable environment of classical Greece without many ornaments, so as not to distract the player, makes it easy to play so that an inexperienced player does not get lost, making it ideal as a first touchstone if you want to enter the exciting world of online slots.

The symbols that we are going to find in this online slot are divided into three categories. The first ones, of a lower category and less prize, are the classic letters and numbers that remind us of the cards of the French deck: 9, 10, J, Q, K and the Ace. Your pay line is limited to 250 coins.

In the second category, of greater importance, we will find all the symbols that refer to classical Greece: the statue, the goddess Hera, (Zeus's wife), the shield, the vase, the trireme ship, etc. Your pay line runs until 5.000 coins. With these numbers, things get interesting.

In the last category we have the two most important symbols of this online slot: the temple and the god Zeus. The temple will be the "scatter" or scatter symbol. This means that when it appears it will provide us with a bonus round. On the other hand, the Zeus symbol will be the wild symbol of the slot machine and if we get a winning combination with it, it can give us a prize of 15.000 coins, almost nothing.

Olympus Treasures

You may be disappointed by what you read next, as in "Zeus" there is not much to scratch when it comes to new games or special screens. That does not mean that there are interesting games.


"Zeus" is an online slot machine present in the best casinos offered in USA and that has a theme reminiscent of classical Greece. It is not the most attractive online slot machine, but it is very simple to play and gives a very interesting return on prizes.

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