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Chiquito slot machine

Gregorio Sánchez, the great humorist better known as “Chiquito de La Calzada”, changed the language of USA forever. Even two years after his death, many words from the Chiquito universe are still heard in any conversation between friends. If you are a "sinful fistro who was born after the pain" and you want to take home a good "propimore" do not miss this "Chiquito" slot machine, which pays tribute to this universal man from Malaga.

The person responsible for the design of the “Chiquito” slot machine is the Barcelona-based company MGA, which has been developing games for land-based casinos and software that supports online casinos all over the world for several years. The slot machine that bears the MGA seal is guaranteed of quality and safety when playing.

To attack!!

The “Chiquito” slot machine is a classic slot machine, that is, with three reels, a single winning row and eight pay lines. In this sense, it cannot be more basic, but its theme makes it a fun and endearing claim for fans of the "sinner on the prairie"

There are nine symbols that we are going to find playing the “Chiquito” slot machine. Several symbols with the number 7 in different colors and that, depending on the color, will give us more or less winnings. We also have the classic bar slot machine symbols: cherries, plums, grapes, oranges and lemons.

In addition, the “Chiquito” slot machine has other special symbols: the smiling Chiquito, the Chiquito Condemor, (with his unmistakable cowboy hat), the Chiquito walking with his flamenco dance and the F, which, of course, represents the word “fistro "And that it will serve as a wild card in the game.

A guan, a peich, a gromenagüer ..

Every time the “fistro” symbol appears in the “Chiquito” slot, bonuses will be added to your scoreboard and once you have collected enough bonuses, a higher level reel will be activated where you can get additional winnings.

On the other hand, when you get three special symbols aligned you will access new minigames within the "Chiquito" slot machine. These are the games:


Let's talk now about two very important symbols when it comes to winning more prizes in the “Chiquito” slot machine The accumulative symbol of Chiquito and the symbol of “¡¿Cómorl?!"

The first one appears after you've played various mini-games. The more minigames, the more cumulative you get. Once enough accumulators have been achieved, the Chiquito symbol will appear. This symbol indicates that in addition to a free spin you can also multiply the bet you have made by up to three.

The wild symbol will be used to complete a combination as long as two matching symbols appear aligned. However, the symbol "Comorl?!”Will complete a combination of symbols, even if you don't have two of the same symbols.

Another trick of the "Chiquito" slot machine is in the "advance" button that you have at the bottom of the screen. This button is used to rotate a position in one of the symbols, (what is known in game slang as a "nudge" option)

The “Chiquito” slot machine is a progressive jackpot slot machine, that is, the final jackpot will have a return figure depending on the bet you have made. To give you an example: if you bet € 1 the RTP or percentage of possible profit will be 80% but, if you bet € 15, the RTP goes up to 95% Something very to take into account when establishing strategies that allow you get a boat "breast" for the glory of my mother.

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