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Aloha cluster pays slot

The Aloha Cluster Pays Slot is one of the slot machines that is gaining popularity among Spanish players. From our website we want to offer you as much information as possible about such a popular game. Find out everything you need to know about the Aloha Cluster Pays Slot to have a greater number of chances of winning.

Game: Aloha Cluster Pays Developer: NetEnt Type: Slot Machine RTP: 96.42% Rollers: 5 rollers Paylines: 9 paylines Minimum bet: € 0.01 Maximum bet: € 2 Jackpot: 100.000 coins Free Spins: Up to 12 free spins Bonus round: No Multiplier: No


Before talking about the prizes that can be won with this slot, it is necessary to take a look at all the content it can offer. Its main theme is a Hawaiian island. All his symbols such as tropical fruits, flowers and masks are related to him. It also has a wild symbol that can play the role of any of the symbols to facilitate the achievement of winning combinations.

Oddly enough, this slot does not work with pay lines, but instead awards prizes when players manage to combine groups of symbols. This is a feature to take into account in this game since most online slots work differently when taking into account the pay lines.

This slot offers unlimited rhythm and fun, thanks to its attractive graphics very well made, something nothing strange considering the theme of the game, set in Hawaii. Ambient sound is always important. In this game you can enjoy tropical songs with the sea breeze to relax while you enjoy the game.

Free spins

All players like to get free spins and invest them in the Aloha Cluster Pays Slot so that they do not have to spend all the money from their own balance in the online casino. Players are in luck in that regard as it is common for this slot to award free spins to players based on the number of symbols they manage to combine.

If players manage to match 3 free spins symbols in a single spin, 9 extra spins will be added to their account. In the event that 4 free spins symbols are collected, it will be 10 free spins for the players. All this increases according to the free spins symbols that you are able to combine up to a total of 12 spins. This slot does not have a multiplier since the Net Enterteinement company considers that the player prefers to be given many extra spins in order to continue playing without compromising their own funds.

Bonus rounds

The Aloha Cluster Pays Slot does not have a bonus round as players already receive quite a few prizes with the free spins that are achieved when combining the different symbols in the free spins round. The return per player is above 96%, so usually players recover at least the investment they have made during their gaming experience on the machine.

The minimum bet is only 1 cent and the maximum is € 2 per spin, so any player can enjoy everything this game offers regardless of their budget. In addition, the jackpot of the Aloha Cluster Pays Slot is 100.000 coins and is obtained by obtaining 30 red masks throughout the game.


After analyzing all the characteristics of the Aloha Cluster Pays Slot, we have reached the verdict: it is not surprising that this slot is so popular since it offers great fun to players, who can also win a large number of free spins to qualify for the jackpot of the game.

Despite not having a payout multiplier, it offers a large number of chances to win prizes, thanks to the combinations of symbols that lead to higher payouts. This requirement is essential for the players, and with the Aloha Cluster Pays Slot, this aspect is achieved, since the objective of the players is always to try to get as many prizes as possible.

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