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FBI Academy slot

FBI Academy slot

Do you want to train in the best police academy? With the slot machine “FBI Academy” you can do that and much more. This police genre slot machine developed in USA is the online version of the popular bar slot machine of the same name. A game that will test you to enter the prestigious FBI academy and will reward you for catching the Mafia bosses.

The “FBI Academy” slot machine is a mixed slot machine developed by Unidesa (CIRSA Group). Combine your training at the FBI Academy on its lower screen with Special Agent missions on the upper screen. The more cases you solve and the more criminals you catch, the bigger and better the prizes you get.

Donuts to start

The lower screen of the “FBI Academy” slot machine has a single pay line (3 × 3) and combines fruits, diamonds and two special figures: Roscas and Magnifiers. The wild symbol is represented by a Cup and substitutes any figure to form a winning combination.

On the slot machine there are two 8-position markers, one for fingerprints and one for footprints. These markers are completed with the simplest winning combinations. If you manage to complete them, you will get the prize indicated in the right corner of each marker.

If you manage to align three threads, you activate the mini game "Choose Thread" for free, which consists of choosing the thread with the highest value. The prizes of each thread are coins or bonds with or without footprints and footprints.

Remember that a no-win combination can sometimes award free advances. With them you can intelligently advance the reel that interests you and form a winning combination.

Academy and Special Agent

In the “FBI Academy” slot machine, the appearance of the Magnifying Glass (special figure) 1, 2 or 3 times on the pay line, grants you bonuses that activate the mini games on the top screen. These mini games can be in Academy or Special Agent mode, and the prizes are higher than those of the lower screen.

Recognition wheel - Your mission is to remember the awards associated with 15 suspects in a recognition wheel. Your prize will be that of the suspect you choose.

Shooting Gallery - Every law enforcement academy has a shooting gallery to practice. The better your aim is when shooting, the higher the profits you will get.

Badges - There are no cheats in this mini game. Your goal is to choose one of the three boxes to find the plate that hides the best prizes.

The shooting - A trial by fire. Shoot criminals hiding in a building without causing harm to any innocent.


The slot machine “FBI Academy” is one of the most exciting of the detective genre. We highlight very positively how well organized and original its theme is developed and the large number of mini games, bonuses and winning possibilities it offers. The “FBI Academy” slot machine is undoubtedly not only an exciting and fun slot machine, but also a smart choice to fill your pockets with prizes and winnings.

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