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Time Machine Slot

The slot machine “Time Machine” is a game developed by Unidesa (Grupo CIRSA) and, as you can guess, it is themed with time travel. Who has not dreamed of traveling to other times? The question is which? With the slot machine "Time Machine" you can explore Prehistory, the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages, the Modern Age and the Future, and win juicy prizes in all of them.

The slot machine "Time Machine" was born in USA as a bar slot machine, but since 2016 it is already available for PCs and mobile devices. It is a mixed slot machine, that is, it consists of a lower screen with the classic fruit symbols slot machine, and an upper screen where time travel takes place through different mini games with attractive prizes.

How to win at the time machine

The slot machine “Time Machine” (3 × 3) is only one pay line. On its drums are represented 11 green and purple batteries. Batteries light up progressively with each winning combination obtained. When 11 batteries are lit, the Time Machine is activated and the player is transported to another era to play a mini game with attractive prizes.

The Time Machine can also be activated in two other ways. One, with the figure of the bonuses in any position that, in addition, open the door to higher prizes. And the second, when the winning combination is formed with the special figure of the Time Machine. Some no-pay lines award free one-drum spins, which is another way to activate the Time Machine.

In the slot machine “Time Machine” the joker (Joker) is represented with the face of a brown-haired woman. With this figure replacing anyone, you can also get a winning combination.

Awards in every era of history

When you manage to activate the Time Machine, you need to press the button "Select Game". In this way you access a mini game set in another era and you can win more prizes in addition to making your experience in the slot machine "Time Machine" more fun. Let's see the different times to which you can travel:

Prehistory - Five dinosaurs appear flashing and on each one, different prize money. Your goal is to press the button and hunt the jackpot when the dinosaur in question blinks.

Roman Empire - A Roman trilero challenges you to find the € 100 hidden in one of the three amphoras that rotates to confuse you. If you find out fine! And if not, you can win other prizes of € 20 or € 32.

Middle Ages - Your mission is to turn two shields and form a couple. You have to choose between six. There are no tricks, the key is to choose well, because if you hit the pair of lions, you can win a prize of € 500!

Modern Age - Your objective is to choose an oil well from the three that appear when the precious black gold reaches the highest. The higher the height, the higher the prizes. Choose well, you can get up to € 100!

Future - This mini game has no great mystery. It consists of driving a futuristic car and hunting the highest number of prizes that are crossed on the highway. You can accumulate more than € 160 in one go.


The slot machine "Time Machine" has been a success in bars and cafes throughout USA, and no one doubts that it will repeat it in its online version thanks to its mixed format, something unusual on PCs and mobile devices. The theme of time travel has always been a good claim, but above all, the number of prizes distributed on both screens is extraordinary. The slot machine "Time Machine" is a perfect choice to add zeros to your account.

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