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Slot Machine Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Slot Machine Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

| At CasinoBillions we love slot machines with a specific theme. For lovers of gambling stories and horror stories, we have made a report to a slot machine with a terrifying theme, the “Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ". Based on the gothic novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, this online slot has, just like in the original story, a lot of hidden secrets. Let's discover them.

What kind of game is it?

We are facing an online slot machine with five reels and thirty pay lines, then it will not be difficult for us to take some profit when playing it, even if we are the newbies of the online casino. And the first impression it gives us is unbeatable. Graphics that remind us of the comic and that represent each of the characters in this story and an enveloping soundtrack typical of a horror movie.

Not surprisingly, we are faced with a product from Betsoft, one of the best-known online casino game developers and specialized in 3D graphics.

Introducing the characters

The graphic design takes us to the library and at the same time the laboratory of Doctor Jekyll, (which will be in the background all the time walking around the room). In the center of the screen we will find the three lines of the slot machine with the five horizontal squares that will rotate.

Presented the characters, we can only comment on the menu at the bottom, where the "SPIN" or spin button will be and where we will see our scores for the prize and a bar that will change color.

Spinning doctor jekyll

When we click on the "spin" button, we begin to spin the game and the first combinations begin to occur. The first thing we have to keep in mind is that these combinations do not have to be horizontal, we also have a prize in the diagonals and always depending on the figures that make up the combination.

A combination with the figures of Dr. Jekyll will give us a "Potion bonus", while making a combination with the figure of Mr. Hyde gives us a "Frenzy Bonus"

When we have a "Potion bonus" we go to another screen in which we must choose between several potions and combine them. The combination of potions will give us new profits.

When there is a "Frenzy bonus" the screen changes and we go from a slot machine to a kind of game in which Mr. Hyde runs through the streets of Victorian London. Two arrows will ask us to choose the direction of Mr. Hyde, left or right. When we choose the direction, Mr. Hyde will steal shops and bags from old women, (which will be amounts that we will win in the bonus), until he meets the policeman twice.

Other key elements to keep in mind are potions: every time a red potion appears in a combination, it will accumulate on the colored bar. Once enough accumulated Dr. Jekyll will transform into Mr. Hyde and will give us free spins until new potions accumulate, this time blue, that will return the doctor to his original state.


"Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ”is an entertaining themed online slot full of tricks and different screens so that a player does not get bored at any time.

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