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Java Slot Treasure

If you ever dreamed of emulating the adventures of Indiana Jones, now you can with the slot machine "Treasure of Java". This slot machine developed by Unidesa (Grupo CIRSA) has managed to adapt the great success of its bar slot machine to the online format. The slot machine “Treasure of Java” combines excitement and the search for ancient treasures in the jungles and mines of the Island of Java.

The slot machine “Treasure of Java” combines two game screens. The bottom one is a traditional format slot whose winning combinations trigger free mini games. For their part, the additional games on the upper screen are inspired by ancient civilizations jealous of their culture and treasures. The greater your dexterity to circumvent their traps, the greater the prizes you accumulate.

Discover the hidden treasures

Since the “Treasure of Java” slot is originally a bar slot, it has a single pay line (3 × 3) on the bottom screen. The figures are the traditional fruits and the Bar and the Wagon. The joker (Joker) is represented by a woman with a sun behind her. If you manage to line up 2 wagons, one of the 3 free mini-games on your screen is activated with which you can add winnings to your score:

Mini games in the mine

In the slot machine “Treasure of Java”, the figure of the bonds is represented by a Gray Idol with an open mouth. When it appears in any position, you have to press the "Select Game" button to access a second slot with a green chameleon and 8 pay lines.

This second slot is your preamble to other mini games with higher rewards. You have 5 free games (which go up to 9 if you get the Chameleon figure). If you achieve a trio (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) of the figures Dynamite, Pick and Shovel or Compass, you can double your winnings or activate one of the 3 additional games with juicy prizes:

The java pulleys - Your mission is to stop the motors that turn the pulleys of the mine loaded with bonuses and gold coins. If you stop the engines at the exact moment, you multiply your profits.

The Java Wheels - There are no tricks in this mini-game, just watch the loaded Java Wheels add winnings to your scoreboard.

The Treasure Wagon - Without a doubt, the most attractive and fun mini game of the three. Your mission is to get on a mine wagon and choose the best way to get to the most valuable treasure.


Without a doubt, the slot machine "Treasure of Java" is one of the most exciting bar slot machines adapted to the screen. CIRSA has managed to convey to our computers and mobile phones the success achieved in the bars of USA. And the best proof of this is that there is a second part of the slot machine "Treasure of Java": The Treasure of Java II. If you want fun, prizes and excitement in the same game, you already know where to find it.

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