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Theme park slot tickets of fortune

A day at the amusement park is an experience that no one forgets because of its colorful atmosphere, the fun and adrenaline of its attractions and above all, the great prizes you can win. The Theme Park Tickets of Fortune NetEnt slot machine brings all that magic and fun to your screen.

Game: Theme Park Tickets of Fortune Jackpot: No Developer: NetEnt Min bet.: 0.25 Type: Video Slots Max bet.: 250 RTP: 96.52% Free spins: No Drums: 5 Mini games: Yes Paylines: 50 Others: Yes Online casinos: 888 Casino, Paf, Luckia, VivelaSuerte, 777 Casino and Circus Casino

Slot Machine Features

The Theme Park Tickets of Fortune slot machine invites you to travel to the best experiences of your childhood from your PC or mobile. This online slot can boast of having incredible graphics full of balloons, ferris wheels, roller coasters and any imaginable attraction with very realistic effects and ambient sound.

This 5-reel, 3-line, 50-pay-line slot machine impresses, above all, with its special figures and the mini games and other bonuses that it includes.

In the Theme Park Tickets of Fortune slot you can place bets of 0.25 to 250 distributed in 10 levels. The interesting thing is that with 50 pay lines, even the lowest bet can be very rewarding in a winning combination. And getting one is not difficult, this slot machine has medium variance and its RTP of 96.52%, not bad!!

Slot machine figures

The Theme Park Tickets of Fortune slot machine is made up of two groups of figures. One is made up of 5 classic elements in amusement parks (uncle alive, bumper cars, roller coaster, etc.), and another for the well-known letter denominations (10, J, Q, K and A).

Wildcard: it is represented by a red Ferris wheel gondola. Replaces any figure except the Scatter, the Hook and the Bonus figure. It can only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 and occupy one, two or three lines. When it does, it has a very noticeable multiplier effect on the paylines.

Hook: It is represented by a yellow metal hook that only appears on the fifth drum. When it does, it moves to the central drum to hunt down a prize with its hooks that can multiply the player's bet by up to 15.

Scatter: it is represented by three golden cards. If it comes out on reels 3, 4 and 5, activate a wheel of fortune (Theme Park Bonus Wheel) divided into 12 positions that reward each with a ticket to play one of the 6 mini games.

Bonus: this figure, represented by the word BONUS and which only appears on the fifth reel, also activates the wheel of fortune. Depending on where the roulette stops, one of the 6 mini games of the Theme Park Tickets of Fortune slot machine will be activated, which are typical of a fair or amusement park.

Mini slot games

Punch Bag: Depending on the force of the punch, you multiply your bet between x2 or x15 times. Can Tower: Every can knocked down, multiply your bet x2. If you knock them all down, x864. Sledge Hammer: Depending on the force of the hammer, you multiply your bet by x1 or x100 times. Skee Ball: 5 balls are thrown to 5 cubes. If you are correct, you multiply your bet by what the cube marks. Fishing: For each fish caught, the mini game multiplies your bet between x2 and x15 times. Duck Shoot: For each downed duck (there are 5), you multiply your bet between x2 and x50 times


10/10 - The Theme Park Tickets of Fortune slot is one of the ones we like the most in the NetEnt catalog for its quality of play and the amount of mini games and bonuses it offers. If we add to that that his RTP is 96.52%, we are facing an online slot that almost borders on perfection. In addition, the atmosphere that it manages to recreate is a plus that leaves no one indifferent.

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