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American blackjack online

American blackjack online

If there's one card game we're passionate about at CasinoBillions, it's online blackjack. This time we have tried one of the most popular blackjack games that we can find in Spanish online casinos "American Blackjack". The first thing to know is that American and European blackjack have quite similar rules, the only difference lies in the dealer.

"American Blackjack" is an online casino game developed by the online game creation company Betsoft, one of the giants in the industry. Betsoft has developed over five hundred online casino games over ten years and supervises the operation of slot machines in casinos around the world.

About blackjack

This old card game of Spanish origin is one of the best known games for all casino players and there is no online casino in which you do not have different versions of this popular game available. The mechanics seem simple, ask for cards until you get a score of 21, and do it before any other player at the table, including the dealer.

In addition, if you manage to form a score of 21 with two cards, an ace and a Jack both of spades or clubs, you will have obtained a “blackjack”, the master play that beats the rest of the players, (although they also have cards that score 21). A priori it does not seem like a complicated game, but the strategies and tricks of blackjack are so many that there are many pages on the internet dedicated to it.

American blackjack

|| The first thing we should know is that the dealer has different rules than you in a game of this online blackjack game. The main one is that if the croupier gets a score of 17, he is obliged to stand, thus misleading the player who will not know if he has managed to form a 21 or has another different play.

And the second, very important in "American Blackjack" is that while in conventional blackjack, which we normally play in Europe, the dealer deals cards to all the players at the table, including him; In this online casino game, the dealer already starts with a face up card as soon as the game begins.

Playing American Blackjack

In this online blackjack game we play with six decks that will be shuffled every time we ask for a card. Keep in mind that the dealer, as we said, has the obligation to stand if his score is 17, but he can only ask for cards until he reaches 16.

Another way to win is with the "Charlie rule of ten cards." This play is complicated, but it is possible to form it. Theoretically, a player with ten cards in hand may not have a score of 21, but if he has ten cards in hand, it does not reach 21 and the dealer does not have blackjack, the player wins.

The "division" in "American Blackjack" also has its rules. If when you ask for your first two cards, they are of the same score, you can "split" them and have a second free bet, but, (and this is very important to remember), if your two repeated cards are black aces and on the new cards what you get appears a card with the score 10 of clubs or spades, you do not get a blackjack, but a 21 for doing it in a double bet.

The "insurance" is another option that allows us "American Blackjack" It consists of the following: if the first card face up that the dealer has is an ace of clubs or spades, the player can insure his bet against a possible blackjack of the dealer. To obtain this "insurance" you must bet half of the initial bet. If the dealer has blackjack, the player will keep this half.

In addition, in this online blackjack game we also have different additional bets that we can make during the game and that do not have to do with the final score. For example, we are allowed to bet on how many cards we will make that 21 with. To place an additional bet we must look at the part of the screen where the "Booster" logo is and click on it to place this new bet.


"American Blackjack" by Betsoft is a very complete online blackjack game, ideal to start entering the exciting world of blackjack, but in which it is convenient to be clear about the rules and different possible plays before risking our money.

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