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Video Poker Online

Have you ever played online video poker? It is probably one of the most unknown online casino games, but every day it gains more followers among the global community of players because it combines slots and poker, that is, excitement, skill and attractive prizes in a single game.

Video Poker Online
The perfect cocktail to enjoy a complete gaming experience.

Online casinos present various forms of online video poker for their players that differ in the winning combinations and the prizes they offer. To master these games you must know the rules, as well as the winning combinations according to the corresponding pay table.

|| In Spanish online casinos the trend is similar and it is already one of the favorites among users in our country. The reasons are the same. Between the fact that slot machines dominate the online entertainment market and that conventional poker attracts a large number of people due to the possibilities of strategy and prizes, it is not surprising that an online game that combines the mechanics of the former and the strategy of the latter is so popular.

👉Basic rules and strategies of video poker

The game has a dynamic very similar to the poker of a lifetime except that we do not play against any player, not even against the game software. In fact, the objective is to know how to play the cards that the system deals us.

Depending on the virtual machine you play with, you can choose spins of between 1 and 5 credits. You can always choose the amount for the spin, but only if you play with the maximum amount will you be able to aspire to the highest prize. In other words, it is better to draw a royal flush by betting 5 chips than just 1 for the play.

Every time you start a game, the game will deal you 5 cards that will appear on the screen. With them the objective is to form the best possible winning combination. As a player you have the right to keep your cards (if you think you have a good hand) or discard several or all of them to improve your hand with the next and last deal of cards. If with these last cards you form a winning hand, the game will pay you a prize according to the pay table.

The discard strategy varies considerably depending on the variant of the game, as we will indicate later. Therefore, you should have a strategy table on hand for the game you want to try when you are starting out.

✔️ Five cards appear, four of them uncovered. If the uncovered card you choose is greater than the one discovered, you win.

✔️ A covered card is shown on the screen and you will have to guess if it is red (hearts and diamonds) or black (spades and clubs). You have a 50/50 chance to hit.

✔️Doubling is fine, as you could win a lot, but you risk losing. You should consider the option of doubling half the prize so as not to risk it to lose everything. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. In virtual casinos you will always be able to know the options available to double in advance.

👉Popular online video poker variants

A simple way to classify the many variants of poker is from the special cards - wild cards or jokers. According to the availability of wild cards, we can distinguish two main types of games in virtual video poker:

➡️Video Poker Online WITHOUT Jokers. The first of the game modalities that emerged consisted of overcoming the pair of jacks. The name, Jacks or better, explains the winning combination to win the prize.

✔️There are also variants based on the previous one such as the All American where the color combinations of the ladder with greater prizes are awarded. To compensate for this bonus, the other combinations higher than the double jack (JJ) are paid with smaller prizes. All American's paytable differs greatly from other video poker game modes, making it one of the most difficult variants to master.

✔️Tens or better. The 10 or better is similar to the Jacks or better being the lowest pair with a prize of double ten. As there are more winning combinations, it is a game more suitable for beginners.

✔️Bonus Poker or Double Bonus Poker. In these modalities of Jacks or better certain combinations are awarded higher, such as four equal cards (poker). In the Double Bonus there are prizes of up to 160 to 1 for four Aces.

✔️Ases and Faces. In this variant, face poker is the best winning combination, with aces being the most valuable and the pair of jacks being the lowest prize.

➡️ Online Video Poker WITH Wilds. In this mode, the joker (the joker or the 2 in some versions) is allowed to replace any other card. As you can imagine, this modality triggers the chances of obtaining a winning hand and winning a prize. The main variants are the following:

✔️Deuces Wild. Deuces act as wild cards allowing up to four cards to play this role. In this game, the second best combination is poker of deuces, with the lowest prize being a three of a kind cards.

✔️Joker Poker. An additional card is added to the 52 of the deck, the joker. This game mode is well known, who has not played with jokers before? The usual thing is that the lowest prize corresponds to the pair of kings. However, some virtual gaming machines are more demanding.

✔️Double Joker Poker. As the name suggests, it is played with two joker cards being the deck of 54 cards. In this modality more combinations are allowed and the prize table is adjusted to measure.

As you can see, online video poker games are numerous and require a specialized strategy to win prizes. If you want to become an expert in online poker, it is recommended that you choose a modality to practice regularly. Check the selection of with the most popular video poker games in the country.

👉Can you make money with video poker?

As incredible as it may seem, online video poker can become a source of income for those who are dedicated to it in a professional way.

However, before running you have to walk - and before crawling. As in any of the casino games, in online video poker there are a number of strategies that you must master before winning any prizes. Betting without a tactic will be difficult for you to get hold of those winning combinations. Are you going to leave your luck to chance?

Online casinos offer information on their game modes that you should consult to lay the foundations. In addition, this game is one of those that lends itself the most to apply a strategy.

Video Poker Online
You must know when to call the bets and, above all, when to withdraw from the game to avoid losses. Remember that you can't always bluff!

✔️Play on a budget. Before you start betting, decide the money you want to play in your gaming session. When you reach that amount, leave the game until next time.

✔️Learn to retire on time. In the game, a withdrawal on time can be the most valuable victory. If you have winnings, you better stop playing before spending them on more bets.

✔️Find the best video poker game machine. The pay table plays a key role in that decision. Study the winning combinations to see the odds of winning a prize. The combinations in poker according to the number of cards have known probabilities that are easy to consult on the internet.

✔️Maximum bets, the good and the bad. By betting 5 credits you have the option of better prizes, but you will also spend more money quickly. Consider practicing with minimal runs.

In poker you must learn to control the bets. It is one of the keys to success to become an expert in the games that you will find in the Spanish national

👉Strategies of the main modalities of online video poker

Do you want to win playing video poker? In USA there are more and more schools that teach the tricks and strategies that lead to victory in the exciting game of poker. However, things are a bit different in online video poker, so be sure to check out guides for the game mode of interest to you. We review some fundamental tactics:

✔️Winning in the Jacks or better. The game of Jacks or Better is simple when you know the value of the combinations. Playing in a virtual video poker machine you only have to discard the necessary cards to improve your combination according to the hand you have. That is, if you had a royal flush, you would not discard because it is the best hand, while if you have a high card, you save it and discard the others. You can consult a strategy table as you play until you learn it.

✔️ Dominating the Deuces Wild. When the deuces are wild cards the situation is a bit complicated, but it is still similar to the case of Jacks or Better. You will have to decide your play based on whether you have a 2 in your starting hand or not. Luckily, you also have strategy tables according to each possible fall for this game. What is clear is that you will save all the twos that touch you.

✔️Joker Poker. A classic of wild card games. When you only have one card that is wild, the joker, the game becomes simpler than in the case of four. You guessed it, you will also find strategy charts based on your starting hands in this game. If you have four identical cards and the joker, you will keep them all. The strategy always revolves around getting the precious joker and a good hand to accompany it.

In licensed casinos the rules of online games are always detailed. You must read them to understand how the cards will be dealt. Online video poker is a rich and simple version of traditional poker, but no less fun!!

👉Glossary of online video poker

When you start at poker, it can seem appealing to choose the modality with the best payouts. However, these game modes are also often the most difficult to master. It is better to start with a simple modality to master the basics, such as Ten or better. In addition, playing with few chips is recommended when you still do not have an understanding of the game.

Return to player varies by game mode. There are machines with maximum payment and lower payment. In the former, the prizes amount to 99% (or more) of the stake, while, in the others, the percentage can drop to 95%. You can check this information in the tab of the game mode you want to try.

Fortunately, the same game variant can be available on both machine profiles. For example, you will find Jacks or Better in maximum and lower payout. If by betting a credit you can win 6 per color and 9 per full house, it is a 9/6 or maximum pay machine.

Little by little, you will see how you improve in your preferred form of online poker. You can also try playing games without real money to find out how virtual video poker machines work. Take a look at the list of casinos available to play poker in

Frequent questions

Although you need to bet real money to win money with video poker, you can play for free. Online casinos with video poker games offer "Play for Fun" mode.

How is video poker different from online slots??

To win at slots you depend solely on chance. With video poker, on the other hand, it is relatively easier to win because you can use your skill and a strategy to win.

Do all online casinos offer video poker games?

Although the best online casinos on the market offer video poker, it is not available in all. Video poker remains an unknown overshadowed by slots and roulette.

What is the best version of video poker on the market?

Probably "Deuces Wild" and "Double Bonus Poker" are the best video poker games that exist for the remunerative percentage of return to the player that they offer.

What is the best version of video poker for beginners and experts?

Without a doubt, for beginners the best version to start with is "Jacks or Better". For the more advanced players, definitely "Deuces Wild" for its RTP.

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