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Blackjack multi hand online

There are two places of reference for all those players of online blackjack games. One is your favorite online casino and the other is our website, because at CasinoBillions we are always testing new online casino games to tell you about our experience. This time we bring you an online blackjack game that can bring us juicy winnings.

"BlackJack Multi Hand" is an online casino game developed by the game creation company Microgaming. This British company has been at the fore in the world of online casino games since its inception back in the mid-nineties.

Basic rules of blackjack

In this section we are going to explain the basic rules of online blackjack if you have just landed in the world of online casinos. It is a fairly simple game, but with a lot of exceptions and different bets, which gives rise to endless combinations and strategies in order to obtain huge profits.

Online blackjack is about getting a score of 21 with your cards. Remember that if you manage to form 21 with two cards, the ace and the jack, both of black suit, you will have achieved a blackjack, the master move of this game.

Blackjack versus multi hand blackjack

|| In “Blackjack Multi Hand” we have a difference compared to the traditional blackjack games that you can find in your usual online casino. While in normal blackjack you can play against the dealer and four or six other opponents (depending on the game), in this "Black Jack Multi Hand" you will play alone against the dealer.

This does not mean that there is only one bet on the table since you will occupy the role of the other four players, in such a way that you have five bets with five different hands with five more chances of victory against the dealer.

The thing does not end here. As there is the possibility of obtaining a double play, (in the next section we will tell you what it consists of), you can multiply by up to three those five possibilities of beating the dealer.

Some master plays

We are going to explain to you how to double a bet in online blackjack: when you receive your first two cards these are the same number, (for example, two cards with the number five), you can play them separately by asking to be given two new cards and try to form 21. In this way we double our bet. If when you receive a second card you get another five, you can repeat this operation only one more time. This play is known as "division"

Another point to keep in mind is to keep in mind the score of each of the cards in order to get a 21. The cards that go from 2 to 10 have the score of the number that is written. Then the Jack, Queen and King will be worth 10. Finally, the ace will be worth in some cases 1 and in another 11, depending on what suits you for your combination, you can choose one or another score.

In addition, you should know that the croupier, (especially in this game where he is the main adversary), plays with different rules than yours. To begin with, he will always have a face card, (the first of all). Afterwards, the dealer is obliged to stand when he has a score of 17 and cannot receive new cards if he has a score of 16 in his hand.

Finally, if the dealer's first discovered card is an ace, given the possibility that the online casino dealer has a blackjack, you can save a part of your bet. In this situation, you can request to place a new bet worth half of what was originally bet. If the dealer finally has blackjack, you will only have lost half of the bet. It is what is known as "insurance"


"Blackjack Multi Hand" is an online blackjack game developed by Microgaming in which the player faces five different bets against the dealer. In this way the chances of getting big profits are very high. At CasinoBillions we recommend it for novice players.

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