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Scratch off online

Scratch off online brings you here a compilation with everything you need to know about online scratch cards. A game in which, as you will read, you will not need a very complex strategy or highly developed qualities to master it.

Rather, if what you want is to become a good player in this game, you should do a good research on the market and choose the one that, due to its qualities - award-sharing, ease of use - best suits what you are looking for. The rest, actually, is pure luck.

Top 5 online scratch card games

Scratchcard is one of the most classic games of chance that one can find. Until recently, this type of gambling was especially common in raffles for supermarket chains, electrical appliances, restaurants, etc.

The mechanics of the game are simple: each player receives one or more cards with one or more squares. Depending on the type, the player will have to scratch the only existing square or, if it is a card with several squares, the ones indicated by the card. After playing, the player will find out if he takes one of the prizes or not.

Game rules

Like casino games, online scratch cards differ very little from the originals. Despite this, there are certain differences. For example, in online casinos it is difficult to find them in a single box, since they adapt much worse to online gambling.

You should not scratch more boxes than those indicated in the instructions (although in many cases the system itself will prevent you from doing so). If the game has several sections, you must complete each of them as indicated in the game rules. Some have prize or bonus areas, do not scratch them before completing the rest of the game.

Tips for playing like a pro

As we said before, the best strategy to play scratch cards is to carry out the best possible preliminary study about the different games that you can access. The higher your profit margin, the chances of winning a prize or the more reliable the operator is, the better for you.

Characteristics and peculiarities

With their arrival in online casinos, scratch cards have acquired a multitude of forms and types of interface. Thus, nowadays, you can find games of all kinds, from those related to football and sports to the most classic ones, passing through others set on any historical or current topic. This evolution has also been noted in game formats, since it is also possible to find some that have more than two sections, or with game formats much more complicated than the originals. Regardless of all this, another of the characteristics of this game in its online version is its low entry price: the minimum bet, in some of them, is only 0.25 cents, which makes them very affordable in comparison. with other online games.


In short, it could be said that, if what you are looking for is an online game that is easy to play, that does not involve a very high expense and that gives you a certain degree of fun, this game is what you were looking for. When it comes to playing, all you have to do is enter the money, follow the instructions to the letter and uncover the boxes that your instinct marks you, little more than that. Of course, it is also important that you remember that, perhaps, the most important thing in this game is that you do a good preliminary study of which operators and under what conditions you want to play. There is no doubt that few games depend on chance more than scratch cards, but it is no less true that your responsibility when choosing them is total.

Frequent questions

Of course yes. It is another game of chance with which you can win money just like playing online slots, blackjack or roulette.

What advantages do online scratch cards have that physical ones do not have??

They are cards with a more varied theme and you can enjoy them from your mobile. Also, some bonuses allow you to play scratchcard online, which is another advantage.

What are the odds of winning playing scratchcard online?

It depends on the casino and the license you have, but generally, we talk about a return between 60% and 70%. It is best to consult the pay table of the game in question.

How long does an online scratch game last?

The normal thing is that a game lasts 30 seconds maximum. This time limit is one of the key factors of the excitement and adrenaline of this game.

Do online scratch cards have a trick or are they a scam??

Well it depends on where you play them. If it is in online casinos licensed and regulated by an accredited authority, you should have absolutely nothing to fear.

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