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21 Online Blackjack

If there are two online casino games whose protagonists are the cards, these are poker and blackjack.

21 Online Blackjack
Today we are going to stop at the latter because there are hundreds of different blackjack games that you can find in online casinos in USA. If you want to know its rules or become an expert player, at CasinoBillions we are going to put a little light on this exciting card game.

Blackjack is a card game with a lot of mystique that you can access from any online casino and, proof of its importance, is that it has served as inspiration for many movies that take place inside a casino. Without going any further, there is a movie with the title "21 blackjack", in which Kevin Spacey acts, and which is about a university student who pays his degree playing this popular game.

A very ours game

Despite its Anglo-Saxon name, 21 blackjack is a game of Spanish origin. And it is that already in "El Quijote" by Cervantes reference was made to the game of "blackjack", a popular card game in Sevillian taverns of the seventeenth century. This game became very popular in France during the Napoleonic invasion of the Iberian Peninsula and from there, it jumped to the French settlers of Louisiana.

Once on American soil, the game would change its name to the current one, thanks to the highest possible play, the one that scores 21 with an Ace of black suit and a Jack also of spades or clubs. Blackjack spread from small gambling halls to the most famous casinos. Therefore, it was logical that the game of blackjack online became very popular in virtual casinos.

The rules are simple ..

Playing 21 blackjack is very simple a priori. This online blackjack game can be played by up to seven players at a table, eight, if we count the croupier or dealer, who also plays here. When the cards are dealt, the player who gets their score to be 21, or the closest to this figure, wins.

Therefore, if a player has 20 and the croupier 19 or none of the players obtains a score that is close, the first player will be the one who wins. Also, that player who exceeds the figure of 21 immediately loses the game.

21 Online Blackjack
But keep in mind that ..

Several issues to take into account in this online blackjack game, the first is that the dealer plays with different rules than the players. This means that the croupier has the obligation to stand when his cards have formed a score of 17, thus misleading the table, which by not knowing if the house has 21 or 17.

The second thing to consider is the score of the cards. And it is that all the cards, from 2 to 10 have the score that is written on them, but the Jack, the Queen and the King have the value of 10. On the other hand, the ace has two different values ​​depending on the hand. If you have more than two cards it is worth 1, if you only have two, it will be worth 11. Therefore, if in your first two cards you have a card that is worth ten and an ace, you will have achieved what is called a "natural blackjack"

Third issue of this online blackjack, the double cards. When the first two cards are dealt, if you have two of the same, such as two cards with the number 7, you can play them separately by asking for a new card from another deck and thus obtaining a free bet. This is known as "division of the hand."

Fourth and last question, insurance. In online blackjack there is an option to ask for "insurance" This occurs when the dealer has a card face up and it is an ace and another is face down. The player can then make an additional bet consisting of half his original bet. If the dealer has “blackjack”, the player would lose the money from the original bet, but not the insurance one.

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