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Cleopatra online slot

|| If Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt managed to seduce Julius Caesar and captivate Marcus Antony causing a civil war, no one is surprised by the fascination that Egyptian themes produce in modern slot games. And is that "Cleopatra" is one of those classic slots that could not be missing in online casinos. This modern version of "Cleopatra" in its version of online slots is developed by a giant company in the development of games, the British International Game Technology, better known in the world by its acronym IGT.

We are facing one of those online casino games with an Egyptian theme, (one of many), and that is that the theme of the ancient land of the pharaohs continues to fascinate both creators and users of slot machines. And is that "Cleopatra" is a classic online slot that already has a few versions behind it thanks to its enormous success both in land-based casinos and in its online version.

"Cleopatra" includes a magnificent graphic setting that takes us back to the country of the Nile and that takes us inside a pyramid. Its careful graphics and its captivating sound make this latest version of the IGT classic a perfect online slot for a user, whether expert or novice, to choose to play in their online casino.

Egyptomania in your online casino

"Cleopatra" is an online slot machine with five reels and twenty five pay lines. In order to win prizes and / or bonus rounds, it is necessary that three symbols appear consecutively on the lanes. From this combination, the prize possibilities, multipliers and bonus rounds can make a player win more than interesting prizes.

The symbols represented in the rails refer to ancient Egypt: letters that pretend to be hieroglyphics with the symbols 10, J, Q, K and A, Rah, the sun god; Horus, the falcon-like god; the Eye of Horus, golden sphinxes, the sacred scarab, the sarcophagus, the pharaoh, pyramids, horse carts, the river Nile, Egyptian ships, papyri, the ankh or Egyptian cross, Egyptian style jewelry, panthers, cats, modern explorers , (represented with an outfit reminiscent of Indiana Jones), and of course Cleopatra.

The most important symbols of this online slot machine are that of Cleopatra's face, (which will serve as a wild symbol substituting other symbols to make a winning combination), and that of the pharaoh, (which is the "scatter" of the game and provides you with up to fifteen free spins if it appears three, four or five times in a row).

Learn about all the bonus rounds

We are going to talk next about the bonus rounds and new internal games that you can access by playing the “Cleopatra” online slot. These bonus rounds can appear on the original online slot screen or on new screens with different game scenarios.


We are facing another classic online slot game in its modernized version. "Cleopatra" is easy to play so it is recommended for a novice player who wants to try it in their online casino.

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